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By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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The biggest handbag replica to be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records showcased at BCCK during the state level Women’s day celebration


One of the show stealers during the state level Women’s day celebration at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching was the biggest handbag ever made in Malaysia.

Standing at an impressive height of 5.44 m, 3.04 m wide and 7.62 m long, it was declared the biggest handbag replica in the Malaysian Book of Records on May 29th this year.

It took six months – from December 15th 2014 till May 25th 2015 – to be completed. Weighing about 130 kg, visitors to the BCCK were gushing and inspecting every inch of the massive creation.


Thien Tsui Yan DSC_0628

Marketing Director of Epal Handicraft Training Centre, Thien Tsui Yan


According to Marketing Director of Epal Handicraft Training Centre, Thien Tsui Yan, the bag was made out of 2,984 pieces of old shirts from 1492 donors with collaboration with several NGOs, all of whom are students from Epal Handicraft Training Centers from all over Malaysia.

“Each donor contributed two shirts to make the bag which was made based on the concept of recycling. We did not use newly purchased clothes but used ones,” he said.

The handbag will be showcased at Mostwell Gallery in Puchong, Selangor.

While it may look impressive from the outside, the interior of the gigantic bag is just as impressive. As visitors step inside, they are greeted by the sight of about 100 bags hanging from its interior, all of which were made by students from Epal.


bag DSC_0617

About 100 bags made by students from Epal were on display inside the bag


handbag 1DSC_0636

A representative from Mostwell showing one of the bags made by Epal’s oldest student, a 67-year-old woman


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