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By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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AIESEC Unimas is on a mission to getting more members and hoping to introduce their projects to a much bigger community.


Since it was established back in 2013, AIESEC in Unimas is now looking into expanding its members as well as organising more projects and programmes that they believe and hope can make a greater impact to society in the near future.

To achieve this purpose, AIESEC in Unimas organised the ‘AIESEC Project Showcase Event’ at iCube Innovation Sdn Bhd (iCube) on October 21st by introducing their upcoming projects that they believe can bring a greater positive impact to the community.

With increasing members and various projects and programmes under their belt, AIESEC in Unimas is looking forward to getting more members in Kuching and perhaps the whole of Sarawak as well as be open to possible collaborations with other youth groups, NGOs, local companies, and external stakeholders.



An AIESEC member introducing the crowd of what AIESEC is all about and their projects


“The event is is really to show all the external people what we have been doing the past two years and also what the projects areas well as to see what the externals can contribute to our projects in terms of connections and innovations as we really need that to initiate our project,’ said AIESEC in Unimas president, Goh Kee Boon.

“As most of us are not local, we are trying to get more people to learn more about our projects to see what opportunities are available for to us to collaborate,” she said.


Goh Kee BoonDSC_0485

Goh Kee Boon


During the event, local youth groups, NGOs, and representatives from local companies were introducde to what AIESEC was all about and what upcoming projects they hoped to collaborate on.

To date, AIESEC in Unimas has organised several programmes including exchange programmes and e-waste recycling campaign ‘TechCycle Tech4ALL’.

“We are also proposing some of the projects that have been done previously but we are hoping to improvise on the projects,’ she said.


edward tsengDSC_0510

Edward Tseng from Taiwan telling the crowds of his experience volunteering as an AIESEC member and how his experience help him understand social issues from other country or region.


The proposed projects are ‘Why Waste Food’ which spreads awareness of food wastage, ‘Plastic Avengers’ to reduce the use of plastic bags as well as ‘ASEAN Camp 2.0’ to bridge the gap between rural and urban students.

“We did it once before with ASEAN 1.0 and we got really good feedback from the schools and also the teachers, so we are thinking of doing it again, but involving more students and externals to make our project better,” explained Goh, who thinks the programme is a good catalyst for students to learn more from each other.

Compared to the ‘Why Waste Food’ project, AIESEC is hoping the next one would bring more impact; instead of involving a small group of people, they are hoping to expand to include more people.


AIESECers getting some inputs from the possible stakeholders

AIESECers getting some inputs from the possible stakeholders


As a hub and networking platform for young entrepreneurs, iCUBE INNOVATION was a venue sponsor for the event, sourcing for additional stakeholders to attend the showcase event and thus enabling the AIESECers to network and lay the groundwork for future collaboration with external stakeholders.

“Collaboration with AIESEC or any other NGOs allows them to have a platform for networking as we have all kinds of entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers coming here,” said iCube strategic manager Malcolm Wu, who also thinks that it is a good step for them to want to step outside of their campus and familiar zone.

Malcolm also added that besides being surrounded by entrepreneurs and professionals, iCube also allows them to expand their projects as well as learn different approaches in how to improve their programmes.


malcolm wuDSC_0565

Malcolm Wu


“So, they get to share what they share and other people get to share what they want to share; it is a two way communication,” said Malcolm.

Not only a venue that provides a conducive work environment and a platform for networking, Malcolm also gave some tips in terms of leadership, presentation and managing the crowd during the two-hour showcase which saw AIESECers brainstorm on their projects.

Malcolm added that iCube was looking forward for collaboration with not only government sectors but also corporate sectors, NGOs and associations as well.

AIESEC is an international non-governmental not-for-profit organisation that provides leadership development, cross-cultural global internship and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe, with a focus to empower young people so they can make a positive impact on society.Present in over 120 countries and territories and with over 86,000 members, AIESEC impact the world through leadership development experiences.



A brainstorming session between AIESECers and possible external stakeholders where they discuss of the future project that they collaborate on.


Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and participate in a global learning environment.

To know more about AIESEC Unimas and their programmes, check out their faceboook page at or website at


group pixDSC_0569

Group picture towards the end of the event.




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