Enjoy your Saturdays with Merdeka Palace’s buffet spread

By Patricia Hului
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Smoked, grilled and much more varieties at Aurora Court’s Saturday Dinner Buffet.


When Saturday night come and you are too lazy to whip up something in the kitchen, just head to Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites’ all day dining restaurant, Aurora Court.

The eatery is introducing its new signature buffet, every Saturday starting from Oct 17 onwards.

Patrons are welcome to experience a variety of smoked and grilled delicacies.

As you step into the dining area, the first thing you will noticed is the carving station located right in the middle of the restaurant.

The main star at the carving station is none other than the Hickory Smoked Lamb Shoulder.

As you draw into the station, guests will be greeted by the smell of the meat’s smoky, aromatic flavours.

Their succulent rotisserie chicken and duck shared the stage with Hickory Smoked Lamb Shoulder making the carving station even more irresistible to meat lovers.



Try out their tender Hickory Smoked Lamb Shoulder.


As if the carving station was not enough, Aurora Court also offers Mongolian BBQ station and a meat on ice section which features fresh ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, squid, fish fillet, beef, chicken frank, cocktail sausage and more.

The drill is easy; pick your ingredients, hand it over to the chefs and watch patiently as your food is grilled to perfection.

Greenies and health conscious diners would still enjoy the buffet with the traditional western salad and our Malaysian version, ulam-ulaman.

Gone are the days when sambal belacan and cencaluk can only be found in kampungs or longhouses.

Aurora Court laid out with other Malaysian food such as rojak, gado-gado, acar and kerabu dishes.



Choose your bite-size appetisers.



Ulam-Ulaman which comes with sambal belacan and cencaluk.



A platter of cold cuts arranged beautifully.


From the soup kettle, guests will find different soups every week: Soto Ayam, Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup or Sup Tulang Kambing.

Guests can also find a good selection of hot dishes such as Braised Mutton with Masala Spice and Tomato, Oxtail Rendang and Steamed Whole Red Talapia.



Lamb Masala.



Fried fish cooked in soy sauce.


Once you are done with all the main courses, conclude your dinner with their wide range of desserts.

You can opt for fruit tarts, red velvet cake or pick a healthy choice such as watermelon, papaya, pineapple or a skewer of all these fruits.

Either way, your gastronomical journey will end perfectly since the desserts are in bite sizes. Hence, more room in the tummy to try them all!



Local fruit on skewers.



The desserts are in bite-sizes, perfect for sweet tooths who want to try them all.



Fruit tarts



Bite-sized red velvet cakes.


The beauty of their food presentation rounds off this diverse buffet spread, as you can tell how meticulous the chefs were in putting the buffet together.

Aurora Saturday Dinner Buffet is available every Saturday from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

The Saturday buffet is priced at RM86nett per adult and child (5-12 years old) can enjoy 50 per cent off.

The price is inclusive of free flow cordial drink for all the diners.

For further inquires and details regarding Aurora Saturday Dinner Buffet, please contact 082-258000 ext 8061 (Aurora Court) or F&B office ext. 8004 (8.30 am to 5pm).

Also visit their website at www.merdekapalace.com or Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MPHSKuching .

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