Healthy turnout for inaugural Water Carpark Run

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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200 pplDSC_0216

Flag off for the women’s professional category.


It was one of those rare days during this hazy season where the air was cool, the sky was clear and the weather too nice to be wasted sleeping in when you could be up and enjoying outdoor activities.

Organised by Rakan Bestnye Sarawak (RBS) and supported by Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat (KPWKM), the Water Carpark Run on October 11th was officiated by Samariang assemblyman Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali and participated by about 200 enthusiastic runners at the Kuching Waterfront.

“This the the first time this run has been organised and the idea was initially thought by Chairman of RBS, Audie Chua,” said organizing chairman of Water Carpark Run, Stella Rina.


200 pplDSC_0374

Audie (left), Datuk Sulaiman Atu (second left) posing for a candid photo with Sharifah Hasidah (seated, second right), Stella (seated, right) and Cr Wilfred Yap ( seated, third left).


According to Stella, the marathon was organised as a family-oriented event so that families could enjoy the weekend together with fun-filled activities.

“But we got demands from other runners who wanted the run to be more challenging, prompting us to start the run from the Waterfront to the carpark at SEDC, thus naming the run ‘Water Carpark Run’,” said Stella, adding that the runner had to climb five flights of stairs at SEDC carpark before returning back to Waterfront at the finishing point.

For next year, RBS plans to organise another run hopefully at the golden bridge at Waterfront after it is completed and hopes more people will participate.


200 pplDSC_0135

The runners warming up with zumba.


“When the golden bridge is fully built, we will organized another run but for a golden bridge version,” said Stella.

The marathon was divided into two categories which were men and women professional categories (8.1 km), where the runners have to circle waterfront three times and also the leisure category (2.7 km).

Before the flag off, participants warmed up with a zumba session accompanied by some upbeat music.


200 pplDSC_0429

Fiffy Tiffany


Finishing in first place for the women’s professional category was Fiffy Tiffany. Despite feeling exhausted from the run, she was rather pleased with herself.

“I am feeling relief, though tired from the run,” said Fiffy with a wide smile as she walked away with a medal and a trophy.

The petite 25-year-old radiographer is an active runner and has been running since primary school. According to Fiffy, she would join numerous running events and go running for recreational and exercise purposes during her free time.


200 pplDSC_0409

Mohd Feldarus (right) receiving his medal and trophy from Sharifah Hasidah.


In the men’s professional category was 25-year-old Mohd Feldarus Abdul Rahman who was all smiles as he received his medal and trophy.

“I am feeling thankful for getting first place despite having no training or any preparation for it,” said the avid runner.

Meanwhile, in the leisure category, Kenny Goh was one of the early runners to reach the end point of the marathon, earning him a medal.


200 pplDSC_0399

Kenny Goh


Also an avid and active runner, the 48-year-old has been running from an early age and said he would always run for recreational purposes.

“In the last 24 hours till now, I have joined four marathons, including the marathon for Hari Sukan Negara, and the Power of Love as well as this one,” said Kenny.

Among other activities lined up on Oct 11 were a yoyo performance by YoBlitz, cosplay as well as a food bazaar and mini flea market.


200 pplDSC_0447

Ryan Han from YoBlitz showing his skill in yoyo


200 pplDSC_0369

Also making appearance during the running events were cosplay members to give support for the runners.


200 pplDSC_0350

Runners arriving at the finishing point greeted by sprinkles of water to cool them down.


200 pplDSC_0230

Flag off for the men’s professional category.


200 pplDSC_0359

Flag off for the leisure category.


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