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By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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For those who have wanted to help the needy but don’t know how to contact the various NGOs here in Sarawak, President of Social Welfare Council of Sarawak Joan Irene Yong announced that there would be a Facebook group set up specifically for that purpose.

“I have started an interactive group on Facebook called Social Welfare Council where I am trying to put in all the NGOs in Sarawak where they can featured all their pictures, functions and missions,” said Joan during her speech at Merdeka Palace & Hotel Suites’ second Sponsor-A-Meal session on October 10th for the needy.

The Facebook page, according to Joan, is an interactive group where members of the public are able to interact with the NGOs in Sarawak.


joan 11

Joan giving out door gift to the invited guests


“Facebook is so useful, and this is how we can reach to people, it is the best form of media for this purpose,” said Joan.

To members of the public as well as NGOs, Joan urged them to join the group as it is the best way to meet new various groups and interact with them.

The charity meal session was attended by 200 people from 18 charitable, welfare and social organizations.

“In July this year, the staff of Merdeka Palace organised the first Sponsor-A-Meal event and we are the first hotel in Malaysia to do so. It is a very simple concept, we invite the guests to contribute RM10 and the hotel will match that amount so we can have the less fortunate to come here today,” said Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites hotel manager, Mark Ferguson during his speech.


mark 1DSC_0103

Mark giving sharing a laugh with invited guests


Launched in April 2015 as part of the Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites social corporate responsibility (CSR) slogan, Giving is Living, Sponsor- A- Meal, the charity project is based on the suspended meal concept in which people pay in advance for a meal is provided to those in need.

During the event, invited guests were entertained by hotel staff and Cats FM.

The organisations invited to the luncheon were Sarawak Hun Sinag T’ng, Community Based Rehabilitation Centre Kuching, Sarawak Association for the Welfare of Intellectually Disabled (Perkata), Sarawak Society for Parents of Children with Special Needs (Pibakat), Green Ribbon Association of Kuching, Mental Health Association of Sarawak, Sarawak Society for the Blind, Kuching Autistic Association, The Salvation Army’s Children Home, The Sarawak Society for the Deaf, Rumah Seri Kenangan Kuching, Dyslexia Association of Sarawak, Kuching & Samarahan Division Cerebral palsy Association, The Society for Kuching Urban Poor, Sarawak Cheshire Home, Sarawak Society for the Disabled, Kuching Spinal Injuries Association, and Malaysia Leprosy Relief Association.

In addition to that, Supermain, Elegrand Gallery, Sharz Juelo Showbiz and Tang Lee King Trading contributed to make the second session a success.



Staff of Merdeka Palace & Suites giving out door gifts to the invited guests.


The second Sponsor-A-Meal session was made possible by hotel guests who volunteered to contribute a voucher worth RM10 to sponsor a meal. As part of its CSR, Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites would top up another RM10 for each voucher purchased to make up the total amount of RM20 to sponsor meal for the needy.

The vouchers were bought from Merdeka Palace & Suites food and beverage outlets namely Seattle Coffee & Tea, Ristorante Beccari, Aurora Court and also from the Guest Service Agent at the reception desk.

An ongoing project, there is no limit to the number of vouchers to be purchased and anyone is welcome to contribute. Merdeka Hotel & Suites is targetting another 100 of those in need for the next meal session.

For further inquiries regarding the Sponsor-A-meal project, do contact 082-258000 r visit their facebook page at: www.facebook.com/sponsor-a-meal


200 ppl2

200 people from 18 charitable, welfare ad social organizations were invited for the charity meal session.

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