Daughter reunited with birth mother after 24 years

By Jude Toyat
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Rafeah Latip and Norsahada Adenan showed that a mother and daughter can never forget each other, even if they are separated for nearly all of the latter’s lifetime. 


JtKch-bp101015-jt-reunited-p13 2015.10.09 norsahada

An emotional moment for Rafeah as she weeps on Norsahada’s shoulder as second eldest child Rosita (standing) looks on.


Overwhelmed by the thought of being reunited with her daughter after 24 years, Rafeah, 56, nearly passed out at Era FM Sarawak’s studio on Oct 9, so overcome by fears of not being accepted by her biological child, surprise, and gratefulness for the reunion that marked the end of a long and seemingly endless search.

Rafeah, who is better known as Mak Kalsom from Kampung Tambirat, Asajaya had 11 children with her late husband Lasut Dol. Her separation with her youngest child, Norsahada, 24, happened when she was still at the hospital.

According to Mak Kalsom’s second eldest child, Rosita Lasut, 32, Norsahada was only 14 days old when she was adopted out to Sabahan couple Adenan Abang Anggas and Duyah Saini. What made the adoption painful for Mak Kalsom was that she was not informed about it.


JtKch-bp101015-jt-reunited-p4 2015.10.09 norsahada

Rosita (left) touching her sister’s face for the first time.


“At that time, my father had promised Norsahada to her foster parents, and our father was very sick from diabetes,” Rosita said. “When my mother came home from the hospital and asked him where my sister was, father just kept silent. He passed away not long after that since his illness had reached its chronic stage.”

Rosita recalled the hardships she and six of her other siblings experienced as a poor family, disclosing that four others had also been adopted out like Norsahada in an attempt to ease their financial constraints.

Time, however, did not wash away Mak Kalsom’s yearning for the children she did not get to raise. Rosita told of how she cried alot for those children although she did not know how they would look like, always asking Rosita longingly when they would return home.


JtPic 27 2015.10.09 norsahada

Fuad was the first to meet his sister Norsahada on Oct 8 in Sabah.


Her identical twin brothers, Fuad and Lias were among those who conducted the search since 2006 all over the country but to no success.

For Norsahada, the determination to find her biological family got its final push when her foster father, Adenan told her to find them in Sarawak before he passed away August 28 last year.

“He gave me the courage to go and find my biological family in case any unwanted incident happened to us,” Norsahada explained. “But I had always been longing to find them before that, just that most of the time my efforts were not successful until I decided to post a comment on Era FM’s Instagram page on Oct 5.”


JtPic 35 2015.10.09 norsahada

Rafeah gazing lovingly at daughter Norsahada.


Norsahada who currently resides in Kota Marudu, Sabah with her foster mother arrived here on Oct 9 with her husband Azman Gani and their two children after she was first reunited with Fuad on Oct 8 at Era FM Sabah’s radio station.

“I am very happy and grateful that finally we are reunited again as one big family,” Fuad said, grateful that he had been able to gather the siblings together at last.

The interview on Era FM Sarawak Oct 9 also saw another big but sad reveal as he confessed to his family for the first time that he had been suffering from a viral infection in the head over the last four years.


JtKch-bp101015-jt-reunited-p54 2015.10.09 norsahada

Giving mum a big kiss after an emotional reunion.


Their reunion was brought about by Era FM Sarawak and Sabah.


Jtkch-bp101015-jt-reunited-p39 2015.10.09 norsahada

Norsahada (second right) finally reunited with her biological family.

JtKch-bp101015-jt-reunited-p42 2015.10.09 norsahada

A happy Norsahada with Rafeah.


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