State MOT looking to push Sarawak up to second place in 2020

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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(Second from the left) DJ Muzaldi, Information Management Officer Kerry Edison and Hassanal after the ‘Randau Semasa Azam’ interview at RTM Sarawak.

(From second left) DJ Muzaldi, Azam information management officer Kerry Edison and Hassanal after the ‘Randau Semasa Azam’ interview at RTM Sarawak.


Youths can expect to see huge opportunities in the youth sector with Sarawak gearing itself up for more tourism development heading into the year 2020.

“In terms of job opportunities, according to United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), one out of 11 job opportunities are involved with tourism. So, this means there is a huge opportunity in there for youths,” said principal assistant secretary of Sarawak Ministry of Tourism Hasanal Abdul Wahid during a radio programme ‘Randau Semasa Azam’ on October 7th.

According to Hasanal, Sarawak placed sixth in the ranking of most visited state in Malaysia based on the number of visitors in 2014 and they hope to raise it to second place by the year 2020.

“The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia has a long-term plan in the development of tourism in Sarawak in which we emphasise three aspects; the policy, development of product and collaboration,” said Hasanal.

To further boost development of tourism in Sarawak, the Sarawak Ministry of Tourism  emphasised on policies which stressed on customer satisfaction and service delivery, product development and rejuvenation as well as as focus on developing new tourism products and also collaboration with various agencies.

Rich in nature and blessed with a diversity of different cultures, Sarawak is a product in itself where the local community is friendly and welcoming towards visitors. Among the attractions that visitors can expect to enjoy this hospitality through staying at a homestay.

“Homestays are a product that we value greatly with the Sarawak tourism. It involves participation from the local community and it gives the visitors a local experience that they cannot get from a hotel stay as they get to be around the local people  and participate in the activities organised by the homestay,” said Hasanal.

According to Hasanal, to add value to homestay it can also involves introducing or commercializing local crafts to visitors.

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