Belly dance and a whole lot more

By Patricia Hului
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There were a lot of bellies moving and thighs shaking during La Danse Gala Night last Sunday (Oct 4) night. Kuching’s very own La Danse Studio concluded their three-day belly dancing workshop with a spectacular gala night full of amazing performances.

Some 190 people attended the event held on Sunday night at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). According to organiser and dance instructor Lynda Chua, it was the second time La Danse Studio organised a gala night on this big a scale and was usually organised right after an intensive workshop with a belly dancing master. The workshop covered different genres in belly dancing including technique and combination, mejance, drum solos, Iraqi and modern baladies.


Konstantinova from Ukraine performing during La Danse Gala Night.

This time the master was professional oriental dance choreographer and performer Darina Konstantinova from Ukraine who was also the star performer for the gala night. “I used to watch Darina dancing in videos online so I contacted her through email and invited her to Kuching for a workshop,” Chua said.

During the gala night Konstantinova worked the crowd with three belly dancing performances; each came with its own impressive facial expressions and exceptional body movements.

Not missing out on the fun, La Danse Studio’s instructors and students also presented a few performances from belly dancing to lyrical jazz.


Chua, organiser and dance instructor from La Danse Studio has a fluid-like movement.


Some of the belly dancers from La Danse Studio.


Being graceful and flexible are part of being a dancer.


Amazing performance from La Danse Studio.


Young belly dancers from the kid class of La Danse Studio.

The studio which offered kids belly dance class saw its students showcase two performances. La Danse Studio also invited two other Kuching-based dance groups – Studio 23 and Right Steps – to perform and enjoy the night. Chua collaborated with two other dance instructors Serina Lim (Studio 23) and Helen Lim (Right Steps) for one dance fusion performance.


(From left to right) Dance instructors from three different studios Helen, Chua and Serina performing in one performance.

The night also saw another collaboration between dance students of La Danse and Studio 23 performing Shaabi dance, a modern urban Egyptian dance which known for its fun and upbeat choreography. Studio 23 had the opportunity to perform a few dances including belly dance, modern jazz and a fusion of tango dance.


La Danse and Studio 23 performing the Shaabi dance.

There was room for new aspiring dancer that gala night with Lim Mei Mei from Kuching performed her first ever solo dance. Lim belly danced to a slower and more sensual choreography.


Lim performing her first ever solo dance in this sensual choreography.

Another slow choreography, a dance duo from Right Steps Studio also wowed the audience with their belly dancing moves while they danced with fans in their hands.


Belly dancing duo from Right Steps Dance Studio.


Dancers from La Danse’s lyrical jazz class.


All performers taking a group photo at the end of the night.

Other guest performers included Kit Lau (Kuala Lumpur) and Jeslyn Teo (Singapore). Organised by La Danse, the amazing collaboration with two other dance studios proven the belly dancers community although is small but impressively talented.

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