Minister of Youth and Sports launches KDU Sports Carnival

Khairy (right), holds up T-shirt signed by himself with Teh, CEO of Paramount Education.

Khairy (right), holds up T-shirt signed by himself with Teh, CEO of Paramount Education.

SHAH ALAM: Towards building a sporting nation and be part of 3 million Malaysians targeted for the country’s inaugural National Sports Day on October 10, KDU University College was honoured to have its 2015 Sports Carnival officiated by Minister of Youth & Sports Malaysia Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar at its Utropolis, Glenmarie campus, on Sept 23.

The official launch of the Sports Carnival was held together with a preview of the Sports, Competition, Outdoor, Recreation Expo (SCORE) FitMob Festival, which will be held on the National Sports Day in Stadium Merdeka and will see the participation of KDU students.

Clad in full sportswear, Khairy was welcomed by CEO of Paramount Education Datin Teh Geok Lian; Associate Professor Dr Hon Wei Min, Deputy Vice Chancellor of KDU University College; Susan Ooi, CEO of KDU College, amidst cheers and applause from the institution’s students and staff.

After officiating the opening of KDU’s annual Sports Carnival, Khairy, together with the management, staff and students of KDU, took part in the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT® session organised by SCORE.

The minister pointed out the necessity of building up a sporting nation in order to acquire much more sports talents and cultivate talented athletes for our country Malaysia in his speech.

“There are only 30% to 40% of Malaysians who take up exercise regularly. In sporting nations like Australia, Japan and United Kingdom, 60% to 70% of their people take part in sports regularly, not necessary lifting weight in gyms but just getting out there walking, running, playing something and moving,” Khairy elaborated.

Due to lack of regular exercise, about 4.4 million Malaysians suffer from obesity, 17% from diabetes, 37% from hypertension and 35% from high cholesterol. In fact, Malaysia had the most non-communicable disease patients among countries in South East Asia.

“This affects us in so many different ways, because we are less healthy, we are becoming less productive and less efficient. In the long run, this will cost us billions of Ringgit in treating lifestyle diseases. As we are becoming unhealthy, we have difficulties finding new sporting talents, and that’s why the sporting performance of our country is coming down, because the talent base is shrinking,” Khairy cautioned.

Khairy also pointed out that the younger generation today are less likely to take part in outdoor sports, as a lot of them are obsessed with gadgets, shopping and clubbing. For this reason, he shared some of his tips with students and younger generation on how to optimise exercising by fitting workouts in one’s daily schedule.

“Instead of driving, you can walk; instead of taking an elevator, take the stair case; even though you are busy, you can always workout within your schedule like doing push-ups, stretching or even standing up,” he said, sharing that despite being a minister, he was able to exercise five to six times a week, even if it is only half an hour at a time.

Khairy affirmed the efforts taken by KDU University College by organising its Sports Carnival, as well as encouraging its students to take part in the SCORE FitMob Festival, which is a Malaysia Book of Record attempt in one of the segment targeting for 3000 participants.

“This is why I picked KDU University College, because I have been told that KDU’s students are sporty and they are towards building up a sporty nation,” he said.

KDU University College believes in promoting a balanced study and sports life, and as such, organises regular sports activities and events, which includes its annual Sports Carnival.

KDU’s highly anticipated annual Sports Carnival is a two-week long event, and sees participation and contribution from staff and students alike. Incorporating 15 games and activities, from basketball, volleyball, badminton, bowling to billiards and even Rubik Cube, the event not only brings much cheer and enthusiasm, but also promotes healthy competition and rapport building amongst its staff and students.

To find out how you can hit the ground running with KDU University College, log on to or call 03-5565 0538 (KDU University College, Utropolis, Glenmarie) / 03-7953 6688 (KDU College, Damansara Jaya).

Khairy, the Minister of Youth & Sports Malaysia (centre) leading KDU’s students performing a fitness jump movement after launching KDU Sports Carnival 2015.

Khairy, the Minister of Youth & Sports Malaysia (centre) leading KDU’s students performing a fitness jump movement after launching KDU Sports Carnival 2015.

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