Pasha not leaving Ungu

By Jude Toyat
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Ungu with fans after a press conference held in Kuching recently.

Ungu with fans after a press conference held in Kuching recently.


With rumours that Pasha of Indonesian pop-rock band Ungu will be leaving the band before he ventures into politics, fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as he confirmed that it would not be happening anytime soon.

The political world is not a new thing for him as he admitted during this morning’s press conference at Citadines Hotel that he comes from a family of politicians.

“I just feel that now would be the right moment for me to get seriously involved in politics, but that does not mean that I will leave Ungu for good,” he explained. “I am not leaving the band, nobody is.”

He also pointed out that other members of the band are also involved in several projects outside of the band.

“Nevertheless, I am sure that with my involvement in politics, there will be lots of positive outcomes for me as an individual and for us as a band. We will always strive for the best for the band and we will develop together,” he said, adding that he believes Ungu is the only band to have an aspiring politician as one of its members.


Ungu's Pasha was speaking at a press conference held at Citadines today.

Ungu’s Pasha was speaking at a press conference held at Citadines today.


Currently, the band is in the middle of a talent search for their new programme called ‘Ungu Star Discovery’ where the most talented participants will be signed under their record label, ‘Ungu Production’.

“The talent search was just launched this year. Currently, it is only for Indonesia, but eventually we will expand it to be held also in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.”

Apart from giving their fans a chance to meet them again after their last visit to Malaysia in 2013, Ungu is here in Kuching for the Ungu Mozaik Tour 2015 concert held on September 25 at CityONE Megamall in conjunction with the launch of their 12th album ‘Mozaik’.

“One of the things that combines us together in UNGU is the diversity of music genres that each of us love to listen to and has a big influence on us,” said Pasha.

“For this album, it is unique in terms of its sound as it was produced by 7 different producers who come from different musical background and have produce big hits in Indonesia.”

Organised by Suria Records in collaboration with ERAfm, the concert will feature an exciting line-up of popular songs by Ungu including ‘Demi Waktu’, ‘Kekasih Gelapku’, ‘Andaiku Tahu’, and ‘Berteman Sepi’.

Local singers Mal Imran and Wani Khairi will also perform for the opening act at the showcase.

“Again, I would like to calm all our fans out there that I will not be leaving the band, I will always make sure that we stick and grow together for more years to come,” Pasha said adding that there will be more albums from the legendary band in future. “Ungu still needs your support and I hope all of you can give us continuous support always.”

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