Nadhar, Sarawak’s up-and-coming balladist

By Jude Toyat
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Tall and handsome, 21-year-old Sarawakian Mohammad Nabawi Nadhar Idrus has been singing from childhood and has been doing so with support and encouragement from family and friends.


Mohammad Nabawi Nadhar Idrus or better known as Nadhar when met for an interview recently.

Mohammad Nabawi Nadhar Idrus or better known as Nadhar when met for an interview recently.


Although he has competed in several singing competitions including Soulstar organised by the Sarawak Cultural Village in 2012, winning the Voice of [email protected] singing competition gave this Kuching boy the push to strive harder to build up his name in the music industry and expand his creative work to Peninsular Malaysia.

“After I won the competition, the bittersweet life as an artiste for me began. I started to get more active in singing under the CQ Music label,” he said.

Coming from a naturally musical family, this good-looking guy with a big voice has also been a member of several bands.

“My interest in singing started from an early age, but I gained my confidence to sing by participating in singing competitions since I was nine years old at school.

“When I was in high school, from 2009 to 2011, I joined a group called Riviera as the lead singer. Later when I was still studying at Kolej Komuniti Kuching, in 2014, I joined Borneo Stompers as the vocalist,” he explained.


Nadhar (sitted) with members of the Riviera band.

Nadhar (seated) with members of the Riviera band.


Nadhar lists Indonesian singer Afgan, Boyz II Men, and his local favourite Anuar Zain as his music idols.

“I love their style of singing for ballad songs and I hope to be like them some day.”

Even though Nadhar will be doing practical training with a travel agency in Kuala Lumpur this November, singing won’t be far from his mind.

“While I am there, I will try my best to expand my singing opportunities can maybe make it as my career in the future,” said Nadhar, who released a new single called ‘Parah’ composed by DJ Fuzz with lyrics by Huza Tahir.


Nadhar performing on the ‘Soulstar 2012’ stage.

Nadhar performing on the ‘Soulstar 2012’ stage.


“The song centres around two loving people. The woman was abandoned by the man. After the man leaves her, the woman continues to live her life.

“But one day, the man wants to return to the woman, and she only requests that he not to leave her and ignore her again,” said Nadhar about the story behind the song.

After entering ‘Carta Borneo ERAfm’ and the CATSfm chart two months ago, the song ‘Parah’ made it to the Top 3 for a month.

“My hope for 10 years from now is to get more offers to perform, and also better sales for my albums. As for myself, I hope that I will not get ‘culture shock’ when I am at a higher level.”

Nadhar considers that, apart from appearance, an artist should always be highly disciplined and always responsible to take care of his voice and live a healthy lifestyle.


Nadhar (right) with other members of Borneo Stompers.

Nadhar (right) with other members of Borneo Stompers.


For those who want to pursue a career in singing, he advised them to “Sing sincerely and never belittle yourself. If you have the desire to sing, just do it. No matter what people might say, put your full attention to your passion.

“If you can sing or play musical instrument, record and upload it on YouTube. Who knows, there will be someone out there who are interested in your work of arts and one day you too can become a successful singer in future.”

For his supporters, Nadhar said, “Thank you very much to those who have supported me in my involvement in the singing field. I hope that your support will not end here and keep on supporting me.”

To know more about Nadhar, he can be contacted at his Instagram at nadhar_official.

Or listen to Nadhar’s ‘Parah’ below:



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