Strategic thinking key in entrepreneurism

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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You are young, energetic and full of ideas, so what’s stopping you from starting your own business?

For 35 young, aspiring entrepreneurs, the ‘Strategy Development and Execution’ workshop organised by Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MaGIC) and Kuching-based iCube Innovation Sdn Bhd, worked on giving them the building blocks of a social enterprise.

“The workshop is not only meant for young people but for anybody who is interested to come and learn about how strategy can help them in what ever roles they take on, whether they are working with people, thinking of setting up a social enterprise or starting up a company,” said trainer Lee Ming Tiong.



Invited speaker Lee Ming Tiong


Lee emphasised that strategic thinking is important in managing one’s business as it assists in the process of developing ideas as well as executing them smoothly in the future.

During the workshop, Lee talked about how strategic thinking was needed to think of connecting and interacting with other organisations and external environments, for generating ideas, new insights as well as long-term planning.

“One is confidence. Number two is knowing some of the business practices and ideas. And three is the support. So, in a workshop like this, young people can learn and start something without having any fear because one of the issue is confidence level, another one is knowledge,” said Lee when asked what the youths today were still lacking.

“So, hopefully the takeaway from this workshop is not only learning the theory but also some of the things that you practice, real life examples.”


Group photoDSC_0442

The workshop was attended by 35 aspiring young entrepreneurs.


Also making an appearance during the workshop was iCube founder and chairman Dato Patrick Liew.

With many years of experience working with the youth community, Liew said that some things that sometimes get in their way when it comes to starting up a business is their ego, lack of financial support as well as lack of consistency.

“Their interests are always changing. Today, they might think of one thing and tomorrow they might think of something new. They are not focused in one direction. Focus on one thing and then from there, you expand,” advised Liew.

He also agreed with Lee on the importance of networking as your connections might become your potential customers or future partners.

While the youths may be lacking in confidence and financial support, they make it up with boundless energy and ideas.

“So what they need is just some business practices, some alignment, guidance and they will be there,” said Lee.

To know more about upcoming Startup Weekend powered by Google event, check out their website or contact iCube’s strategic manager Malcolm Wu at 082-266868 to RSVP.


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