SIDBR 2015: After the Race

By Patricia Hului
[email protected]


After reaching the finish line at the Sarawak International Dragon Boat Regatta (SIDBR), the boats would make their way back to the pier.

Even though the race may have ended, the paddlers were still riding high on emotions and adrenaline.

Some were obviously exhausted, others relaxed while a few even put up a smile for the crowd watching from the Kuching Waterfront.



The timely clear skies over the weekend had this paddler from Singapore Polytechnic wishing he brought his sunglasses.



A paddler from Tokyo Dragons, Japan waving to the crowd.



Women paddlers from Tokyo Dragons still all-smiles after the surge of heavy and fast paddling.



Paddlers from Majlis Lumba Perahu Kampung Lurong Dalam Brunei (MLPKLDB) still looking serious after the race.



Local team Landas looking relieved as they wave to the crowd.



Penang Island Paddlez Club rowers looking cheerful as they made their way to the pier.



Paddler from Blue Phoenix Dragon Boat Club (Philippines) giving a thumbs up.



No time for a smile for these paddlers from Brunei Darussalam.



Philippine Titans looking satisfied after finishing their race.



Philippines Titans (foreground) and Blue Phoenix Dragon Boat Club (background) splashing each other with their paddles after finishing the final round of Mixed 22.


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