RWMF 2015: Sights and sounds on the ground

By Patricia Hului
[email protected]


Walking around Sarawak Cultural Village during Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) this year was half of the fun besides enjoying the performances.

Here are some photos taken on the ground during the three-day festival.


phDSC_0028RWMF On the Ground

Shameer Narindra (in white) from leading the drum circle.


phDSC_0026RWMF On the Ground

RWMF is where you can see people randomly pick up an instrument to play.


phDSC_0033RWMF On the Ground

The big crowd gathered for drum circle.


phDSC_0044RWMF On the Ground

Besides drumming in unity, some patrons also shook the shakers along with the beats.


phDSC_0052 (2)RWMF On the Ground

Crowd coming together to drum every evening for three-day of RWMF.


phDSC_0051RWMF On the Ground

A sign found in at the tattoo stalls during RWMF.


phDSC_0056RWMF On the Ground

Festival goers would never run out of battery on their smartphones thanks to this seller.


phDSC_0052RWMF On the Ground

One guest was seen taking photo with K9 unit of Malaysian police on duty. The unit was always seen patrolling the ground over the weekend.


phDSC_0110RWMF On the Ground

Some patrons preferred to sit and watch the show especially this year with the availability of big LED screen.


phDSC_0113RWMF On the Ground

Festival goers during RWMF 2015.


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