RWMF 2015: All strung-out

By Patricia Hului


The unique part of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) is getting to see a wide variety of instruments that may be in the same family – as can be seen here with stringed instruments – but have their own stories to tell.

Some, like the wtar played by Tunisian band Bargou 08 is an almost forgotten instrument while the kabosy played by Lindigo from Reunion Islands, claims its origins from the Arabian oud. All which were found at this year’s RWMF 2015 from Aug 7-9.


phDSC_0015RWMF String Instruments

Olivier Maniale from Ndima (Congo Brazzaville) playing a harp from his tribe, the Aka Pygmies.


phDSC_0023RWMF String Instruments

Driss El Maloumi from Morroco playing the oud on Aug 8 at Theatre Stage, Sarawak Cultural Village. He is considered one of the best oud players of his generation.


phDSC_0062RWMF String Instruments

Violinist from Mah Meri performed during night showcase on Aug 8. The Mah Meri are Orang Asli from Carey island in Peninsular Malaysia.


phDSC_0077RWMF String Instruments

Sona Jobarteh is the first female professional kora player from Gambia. She performed during RWMF 2015 at Theatre Stage on Aug 9.


phDSC_0078RWMF String Instruments

Bargou 08 (Tunisia) vocalist Nidhal Yahyaoui singing and playing the wtar, an almost forgotten lute.


phDSC_0088RWMF String Instruments

Violinist Natalia Arroya from Son de Madera, a son jaracho band based in Veracruz, Mexico.


phDSC_0091RWMF String Instruments

Bassist Ander Garcia from Korrontzi (Basque Country) performed during the last night of RWMF 2015.


phDSC_0114RWMF String Instruments

Kobo Town founder, singer and songwriter Drew Gonsalves rocking the crowd on Aug 8.


phDSC_0134RWMF String Instruments

Shooglenifty’s Angus R Grant playing the fiddle during the last night performance on Aug 7 at SCV.


phDSC_0255RWMF String Instruments

Besides being the lead vocalist and accordionist of Lindigo, a band from Reunion Island, Oliver Harry Araste also plays the kabosy.


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