Food heaven at the Sarawak International Dragon Boat Race 2015

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
[email protected]


It would not officially be a festival if food was not involved and the Sarawak International Boat Race 2015 from September 18th until 20th was no exception.

For three days in a row, the Kuching Waterfront turned itself into a food heaven for food lovers during the adrenaline-pumping weekend.



The crowds quenched their thirst by treating themselves to these colourful local dessert ‘Ais Batu Campur’.


Air bambanganDSC_0579

A famous speciality from Sabah, the ‘bambangan’ or wild mango juice is especially refreshing when drink on a hot day. The fruit which has brown skin is usually not eaten fresh but pickled.



A hit among the crowd is the ‘bakso’, a Indonesian savoury soup with meatballs and noodles.



Sweet and refreshing ‘cendol’ is a popular dessert in Southeast Asia.



Chicken grilled to perfection.


Dragon fruitDSC_0538

Beautiful fuschia pink dragon fruit.


Ikan TahaiDSC_0585

A famous delicacy from Lawas, smoked ‘ikan tahai’.


Kuih cincinDSC_0558

Traditional kuih for Bruneian people, the ‘kuih cincin’ or ring cakes are also famous among the locals in Sarawak.


Nasi kerabuDSC_0576

Consisting of local crackers, salted egg, fried chicken, ‘sambal’ and blue rice, ‘nasi kerabu’ is a popular cuisine among the locals.



Get a whiff of mouth-savouring chicken satay on the grill.


Kek lapisDSC_0565

It would not be an event in Kuching without the ever famous, pride of Sarawak ‘kek lapis’.


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