Love your heart this weekend with the Sarawak Heart Foundation

By Patricia Hului


Women, how are your hearts doing?

Sarawak Heart Foundation is once again teaming up with Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) Heart Centre to celebrate Women’s Heart Day this Saturday on Sept 19 from 9.30am to 2pm at Boulevard Shopping Mall.

SGH Heart Centre’s head of Cardiology Department Dr Ong Tiong Kiam explained the need to raise awareness on Women’s Heart Day: “Why we separate out the women in this Women’s Heart Day is because just to emphasise to people that women’s are different.”

Speaking at the press conference on Sept 17, Ong said studies have shown for a long time now that women who undergo operation tend to have worse outcome than men.

He explained that women had smaller blood vessels; making operations technically harder to perform and the outcome not as good as their male counterparts.

He also pointed out that women in the olden days tended to ignore the symptoms of a heart problem, tending to dismiss them as psychological.

“They might be under-diagnosed or under-treated too,” he said, explaining that the need for women to monitor their heart-health becomes more important as they grow older. “As a woman, when you are young, your hormones protect you. After menopause, your hormones do not protect you anymore.”



Kon (left) and Lim (right) speaking at the press conference on Sept 17 at SGH Heart Centre.


With that in mind, the foundation’s member of the board of trustees Pauline Kon Suk Khim said Women’s World Day was a special day to remind women to take care of their own health.

“I think a lot of women do multi-tasking. They always place their loves and emphasis on their families, not knowing their own position is very important,” she said.

According to Kon, the foundation wants to organise this Women’s Hearts Day to make them more aware and conscious about their heart health and learn about stroke prevention.

Kon also stated that there would be free health screening tests which include checking on body mass index (BMI), blood glucose, and cholesterol levels as well as health counselling from medical personnel.

“We encourage members of the public especially ladies to attend the health awareness programme and they should fast for at least six hours before the finger prick blood test screening in order to get more accurate results.”

There will be a Zumba session from 10 to 11 am and all are welcomed to join.

Also present during the press conference were members of the Sarawak Heart Foundation board of trustees Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian, Eric Lim Swee Khoon, its secretary Jennifer Goh and Director of SGH Heart Centre Dr Mohd Rifhil.



(From left to heart) Ong, Kon, Lim, Sim, Asri and Goh holding up the the banner that will be at this Saturday’s Women’s Heart Day at Boulevard Shopping Mall.


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