A weekend of live entertainment at #LiveKCH

By Patricia Hului

Bloggers, social media users and especially hashtag enthusiasts came together for a weekend of fun at CityOne Megamall on Sept 12 and 13.



Cyril speaking to the press on Sept 12 at CityOne Megamall


According to the event’s organising chairman Cyril Dason, this social media gathering ‘#LiveKCH’ was an effort to fill social media with positivity.

“Hashtag Live Kuching is a place where we want to highlight local and talents of Kuching so that people can fill social media with something that is positive and good for a change.”

Cyril continued, “Nowadays we have a lot of negativity in social media, why don’t we in Sarawak share something positive?”

Speaking of the blogosphere here in the state, Cyril who is also the founder and president of Sarawak Bloggers Society admitted that the bloggers community was shrinking.

“It is because of social media but we have bloggers who are very keen to become more professional and become full-time bloggers just like those in the peninsular,” he explained.

Cyril also pointed out that the blogging effort here was starting to get serious.

“For us Sarawak bloggers we prefer things that are less sensitive,” saying that the community did not include those who blog about religion and politics.

Bloggers under the Sarawak Bloggers umbrella body mostly write about tourism, lifestyle, events, tech and gadgets.

With too many people nowadays clicking ‘share’ and ‘retweet’ faster than they spend time thinking about it, Cyril advised social media users to do some fact-checking first.

“I feel that people nowadays just share things (on social media) without checking the facts,” he said.

Cyril stated it is important to find the truth behind everything and not simply share something we aren’t sure of.

He added, “The bloggers should focus more on sharing positive things and only share what you know is very true to the public.”

The Sarawak Bloggers Society currently has about 500 members made up of both bloggers and social media users too.

“We have to follow the trend because bloggers are getting less and less. Looking at the trends now, even Twitter is a microblogging site,” Cyril said.

It was not the first time Sarawak Bloggers Society pulled out a social media gathering like this.

Their first event was held on Dec 10, 2011 called Tweet-Up Kuching (#TwtUpKCH) which got nominated for DiGi WWWOW Awards a year later.

Then Tweet-Up Kuching returned on Dec 8, 2012 and was named Malaysia’s Best Social Media Gathering in 2013.

Pumping up their game plan, #LiveKCH appealed more to the public and diverse interests with more activities and prizes.



Visitors taking photo and goofing around in the Social Media Area.


The heart of the event was none other than the Social Media Area.

It was the place to be during #LiveKCH as visitors were seen hanging around the area taking selfies and photos of each other.

According to Cyril, this area was also meant for people to mingle.

The Social Media Area emphasised on the use of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Saufi Sape ‘Star’  strumming his sape to Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine.


#LiveStage took a spot on Saturday’s afternoon with performances by YouTube Talents from Kuching.

The audience watched the performances in a laidback atmosphere sitting on mats and wooden blocks.

Among the performers were Nanasheme, Ashrun Zikri, Azwan Juperi, Joyce Khoo, Syamel Izwan, Dzul Izzat, Sasha Ningkan, Nakama Band, Eric Goh, Saufi Sape ‘Star’, Ryan Han and Jiwa Dance.



The audience watching #LiveStage on Saturday afternoon.



Gamers battling it out on the first day of #LiveKCH.


Another area which was crowded during #LiveKCH was the gaming area where Sarawak inter-varsity DoTA2 competition was held.

Although there were patrons who were not playing the games, some were satisfied with watching the games live on flat-screen televisions.



Prospective shoppers browsing through the #LiveMarket.


Fashion fans were not left out during #LiveKCH.

The organisers partnered up with The Bloom Bazaar Kuching to bring #LiveMarket.

The booths were meant for online retailers to sell their products in person.

#LiveKch also featured booths from their partners including TM Sarawak, Sarawak Energy, SarawakYES! and Events Horizon.

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