Amelina, the Queen of Dangdut’s return to the Malaysian music scene

By Jude Toyat


'Amelina' the Queen of Dangdut

‘Amelina’ the Queen of Dangdut

After a 15-year absence from the field of singing, the Queen of Dangdut, Amelina, whose real name is Norazlina Amir Sharipuddin, 40, returned to brighten the local entertainment scene with her new single titled ‘Cinta Harus Seksi’.

The song composed by Ajai with lyrics written by Slen has been getting a favourable response from fans who yearned for her return.

According to Amelina, the new single is the second one celebrating her return to the music industry after the release of her first single ‘Rindu Ah Ah’ last year.

“Actually this is the second single after “Rindu Ah Ah” that was successfully released last year and has also produced a promising dangdut rhytm that managed to recall the glory days of my earlier involvement in the music industry 15 years ago,” said the Negri Sembilan-born queen when met recently in Kuching.

‘Cinta Harus Seksi’ portrays her latest delivery with a slight alteration in terms of sound and relatively catchier beat, quite different from her previous songs that is more towards cha cha and disco dangdut.

“I wish to improve my dangdut music in line with the changing times and the acceptance of my music among the modern society.

“Nevertheless, I will continue to ensure that the dangdut sweetness and softness of my voice is still noticeable,” she added.

She is in the process of producing the music video for ‘Cinta Harus Seksi’ and the song will also be distributed to several local radio stations for listeners and fans who long supported her involvement in the music industry.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Amelina said, “Cinta Harus Seksi depicts the romance in a relationship. One can make love sexy in many ways including the tender ways they act.”

Amelina also expressed her disappointment that over the years there are still people who assume that dangdut music is of the lowest class and not comparable with other music genres.

“Everyone can classify dangdut music how they want but for me, dangdut music is universal and should be adapted to the current music trends accordingly to the passage of time in order to attract more people to be interested in it and be able to understand it as being unique in terms of its music and songs.

“It is important for an entertainer like me to always think positively and I feel really lucky since my music is still relevant today, especially among the younger generation,” she said.

On her latest development, Amelina said that she is now focusing on her singing career and will soon produce a new album.

“God willing, in December this year, a new album from me will be born. It will include five tracks including ‘Rindu Ah Ah’ and ‘Cinta Harus Seksi’, while the album title and song titles is not to be revealed. It is a token of my appreciation to fans on supporting me in the music industry,” she said adding that the latest album will be more towards the music of dangdut with injections of newly introduced concepts and styles of music.

Amelina became known as the Queen of Dangdut after winning several awards in the music industry that has also brought her to reach a sales record of 500,000 in album sales. Among the most favourable track for her fans include ‘Asyik’ that was released in her album of the same name in 1995 that made her go on to win ‘Album Pop Tradisional Terbaik’ during the third Anugerah Industri Muzik the same year.

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