Career guidance seminar to empower Bidayuh youth

By Jude Toyat


DBNA-BGA HR Sub-committee chairman Rayan  (fifth right) handing a souvenir as a token of appreciation to  Nogeh (fifth right).

DBNA-BGA HR Sub-committee chairman Rayan (fifth right) handing a souvenir as a token of appreciation to Nogeh (fifth right).


To empower Bidayuh youth in their quest for their dream jobs and enhance their marketability on the job market, DBNA-BGA HR Sub-committee organised a career talk at DBNA headquarters at Jalan Kompang here on September 12.

According to Dr Clarence Jerry, advisor of the career talk themed ‘Empowering Youth for Employment’, the one-day seminar is a way forward for the Bidayuh to be on par with the other ethnic groups.

“The factors that contribute to the youths’ success of getting employed and having a good career are multifaceted to include the necessary soft skill, hard skill, awareness of employer’s expectations, preparedness and confidence for job interviews and awareness of the job opportunities or market,” he said.

Dr Clarence, who is also the DBNA assistant treasurer-general and the chairman of the DBNA-BGA Education Sub-committee, also pointed out that employment among the Bidayuh community was still a big issue.

“The Bidayuh community, with a total population of more than 200,000 is left behind in terms of employment.

“There are still many Bidayuh youths who are unemployed after they complete their tertiary education. Some are employed but with very low salary,” he added.

The youths were also given awareness on the employment opportunities for jobseekers with technical and vocational education.

The main facilitators for the programme were Maureen Labarge, human resource director of XFab Kuching, and Sarawak Labour Department senior assistant director Bruno Jong.

The seminar was officiated by Mas Gading MP Anthony Nogeh, who is also the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, witnessed by DBNA deputy president Boniface Anat Litis, DBNA-BGA HR Sub-committee chairman Rayan Narong, and Bidayuh Graduate Association (BGA) president Associate Professor Dr Ahi Sahok.

Nogeh added that there are three main points that youths need to acknowledge in today’s job market.

“First, you must be prepared to move around to get job anywhere. Do not say just because you’re from some place, then you have to work there.

“Second, it’s not necessary that if you’re doing certain courses that you need to work in that specific job. For example, if you’re furthering studies in accountancy, you can also become an administration officer or banker.

“Last but not least, if you’re not employed, do not give up hope and continue to improve yourself and hopefully one day you will get fully employed and be able to be on par with other races and will not be left behind,” he said hoping that DBNA could continue to support the youths in their future career endeavours.

The DBNA-BGA HR Sub-committee plays an important role in promoting activities related to education and human resource development. It also assists DBNA in providing the platform to develop human capital that encompasses addressing of values, knowledge and skills within the context of reasoning and the minds of the Bidayuh youths in their future endeavour.

About 200 participants from the Bidayuh areas of Serian, Padawan, and Bau attended the career guidance seminar.

Also present at the ceremony were DBNA vice-president Joseph Jinde, Public Service Commission (PSC) member Datuk Peter Nyombek, and Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) deputy CEO John Riba.

For more job-related information and further inquiries, come and consult the DBNA-BGA HR Sub-committee members at the DBNA headquarters. Alternatively, log on to their website at to find related links that will connect jobseekers with related job opportunities.

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