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By Patricia Hului


Imagine how much more exciting school can be with a project like ‘My Dream Land’ where students get to plan how to develop an area like a town, zoo, water-world, forest reserve and children’s playground for an imaginary island shaped like a turtle.

Under English teacher Tan Lee Nguang, Primary 5 students from SJK(C) Chung Hua No. 2 Kuching were divided into groups of eight to plan out their projects with cut-outs from magazines, pictures, coloured pencils and manila card before presenting their projects to fellow classmates.

For Tan, ‘My Dream Land’ is aimed to encourage students to think, discover and plan their dreams to come true one day.

Tan’s Project Based Learning (PBL) teaching method was one of the examples used at this year’s Teachers Colloquium and Innovative Teachers Competition Kuching Division, where 11 teachers presented their PBL projects to inspire their colleagues in their daily jobs.

PBL is a teaching methods in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge.

Kuching Division Education Officer Dr Sluhi bin Hj Lamat @Narawi stated the event was an opportunity for the teachers to learn and share among each other.

“This colloquium which involved 11 presenters and followed by dialogue session has shown our teachers’ eagerness in sharing their innovative teaching methods from their respective schools,” he said.

He hoped the PBL presentations were beneficial to the participating teachers from all over the division including Kuching, Padawan, Bau and Lundu.

Held at Islamic Information Centre (IIC) on Sept 3, some 40 primary and secondary teachers from Kuching attended the two-day event.

The teachers shared their PBL methods in three subjects: Malay, English and Mathematics.


Tan (left) received a memento from Sluhi at IIC on Sept 3.

Tan (left) received a memento from Sluhi at IIC on Sept 3.

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