Why SLaP! took a step back with ‘Quietly and Patiently Waiting’

By Jude Toyat

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Members of Kuching rock band SLaP!


SLaP’s latest single, ‘Quietly and Patiently Waiting’ may serve as the perfect theme song for Sarawak director Bjarne Wong’s latest family-oriented movie ‘The Prodigal Son’, but for lead guitarist Rambo吉他手, it was a reflection of his private life.

He, together with lead singer and guitarist Jack任主唱, bassist 贝斯手为Edwin and drummer 鼓手则是Leslie had formed SLaP!, a rock band in 1999 out of a shared passion for music.

After he failed to realise his dream of being a musician here in Sarawak, however, he left for Taiwan’s more competitive Chinese-language music scene.

The music industry, however, can be cruel. Despite his love for music and the drive to perform to the best of his abilities, he was nearly overcome by failure and wanted to commit suicide.

“Thank God, I was given another chance to live and that was when the inspiration to write this song came about. It reminds me of the importance of my existence,” he explained.

“As years passed by, I eventually decided to come back to Sarawak as I realised that our local music industry had grown and was not the same as before,” he said when met by The Borneo Post SEEDS recently.

The inspiration for the song came about one day when Rambo had woken from his sleep with a feeling that there was something telling him to cool down, be quiet and not to panic.

“So, I cooled myself down, and took my guitar and started to play while singing a random song.

“The voices I heard and the lyrics I put down, I believe came from God. It managed to comfort me and slowly and eventually I finished writing the song. It truly was a gift from God.”

Later, Rambo met with his band-mate Leslie and let him have a listen to the song he had penned down. It turned out that the song also struck a meaningful chord in Leslie.

“It really touched my heart. It was something different from what SLaP! normally did,” said Leslie, adding that although the slow-paced song was very different to the band’s rock style, he still loved it.

While inspiration for the song came easily to Rambo, making the music video had its own challenges for Leslie. They contacted many video directors to create the music video but none of them were available.

Frustrated, they decided to create the video on their own.

“Another rather weird incident happened to delay the video – when we were on our way to Borneo Heights to shoot it, we then discovered that the road was disconnected.

Much like Rambo, the inspiration for the video came to him as he woke up from sleep.

“I had a vision to call Bjarne. Refusing to give up, I contacted him at around 2am. I literally had the vision of him being the music video director and that was when everything started,” Leslie explained.

It still wasn’t smooth sailing from there. Bjarne’s own work schedule conflicted with the making of the music video during the editing process and they agreed for Leslie to finish processing the music video.

“So, I went to his house to get all the footage that we shot with him earlier. I did not know why, but my hard disk could not even be read and nothing could be copied into it. So Bjarne did the rest of the work after that.”

Although the end result was not the type of music video that SLaP! is known for, they are very happy to have finally completed it.

“I told myself that this was really God’s doing. He wanted to teach me to be quiet and patiently wait,” said Leslie confessing that if it was up to him, the music video would have turned out differently and the message of love would not have transcended to the viewers.

In future, they will be making subtitles available for the music video to make the meaning of the song relatable to everyone.

The music video was shot entirely in Kuching, Sarawak for a month starting from June until July this year. It features footage from ‘The Prodigal Son’ that carries an important message for today’s younger generation.

“I would like to remind everyone that if you feel there is no one understands or cares about you, or there are people who look down on you, do not be sad. Just keep quiet and patiently waiting, God will come and comfort you.”

SLaP! has produced two EPs and two albums, and were nominated for Best Group in the Malaysia Music Association Awards in 2008 and 2012. SLAP! also won the Best Chinese Song at the Southeast Asia VMA Music Award in 2013.

For more about SLaP!, follow their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/slapband.

Watch the video below which was officially released on August 19 below:



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