‘Why Waste Food?’ Project Documentary


The final part of our project was to compile all the pictures and video clips from our experiences from the farm and workshops into one whole documentary.

The documentary not only encompasses what we learnt from our days at the farm but also, how we presented the information that we had gathered. The documentary contains our interaction with children, primarily from secondary school. Moreover, it has various clips of students portraying their thoughts and ideas through the activities we included in our workshop.

It even has clips of our guest speaker, Edmund Macmiller, control officer from the National Resource and Environmental Board; who presented the process of composting to the students and involving them in this informative and exciting activity, as the children could not wait to get their hands dirty, literally.

We did not make this documentary only to stress on a current issue in Malaysia, we made it to first show the urgency of this upcoming issue, then the current opinion of the society itself on food waste and finally we posed possible solutions which can effectively reduce food waste if implemented in our daily lives.

After the compilation, this documentary was aired at the event Global Village on 8th August which took place at the Waterfront. Interestingly enough, many people stopped to watch our video and even members from other AIESEC projects watched the video and provided us with feedback.


The documentary in its entirety is our whole project, our efforts in reducing food waste in Kuching by sensitizing the students and then providing them with ways with which they can reduce food waste. We hope with optimism that this documentary will cause an impact in Kuching and perhaps even the world. Be sure to comment and watch it at this link:

Watch AIESEC Unimas’ ‘Why waste food?’ Documentary below:


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