Average Joes take on Bodybuilders

By Jude Toyat


JT Pic 2 20150815 badang

Challenges facilitator Suhaili (centre) with his fellow bodybuilders in Geng BabyFace (GBF).


IT WAS A FUN AFTERNOON for visitors at the Kuching Waterfront on August 15 as they were able to meet and compete with local bodybuilders in the inaugural ‘Badang Co-op Challenge’, an event held in conjunction with the 14th National Cooperatives Day.

The side event organised by state National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) with support from Cooperative Commission of Malaysia (CCM) and Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry involved 10 ‘Ironman Sarawak’ contestants who prepared 10 Fear Factor-inspired challenges for 10 randomly selected individuals at the event.

“It’s not really about a show of strength. It is a challenge aimed at attracting the visitors to the event and at the same time getting their interest in sports and leisure. It is meant to provide fun and entertainment to all,” said facilitator of the challenge Suhaili Mat.

The mini event received positive response from local and foreign tourists and it was entertaining to see them compete in challenges posed by the group of local bodybuilders known as ‘Geng Babyface’ (GBF).

The members of Geng Babyface are Suhaili himself, Abang Mohammad Saffrizar Abang Sahari, Hazari Ali, Jury Amrullah, Amin Zani Zainudin, Mohd Zakri Bujang, Japar Amin @ Along, Alias Mat, Majid Maidin and Neil Iskanda.

The ten randomly selected individuals competed with the local bodybuilders and weightlifting athletes in ten fun and easygoing games including chugging down a big bottle of soft drink, ‘palak angol’, cracking open a coconut with six-inch nail and a gunny sack race, to name a few.

Those who took part in the challenges received hampers courtesy of CCM, while GBF members were awarded medals by Sarawak JKKN cultural officer Yufazli Yusof.

JT Pic 4 20150815 badang

Ariff Airwani Mohamad Jaafar, 28, from Kuching, with his prize for participation in the ‘Badang Co-op’ challenge.


JT Pic 5 20150815 badang

A member of the public competed in the eating of cake challenge with Ironmen World Harvest Festival 2015 champion Jury Amrullah (second right).


JT Pic 6 20150815 badang

One of the challenges saw participants competing to be the first to fill up a water bottle with water from a sponge.


JT Pic 7 20150815 badang

A public challenger received a hamper as a token of appreciation for taking part in the challenge.


JT Pic 8 20150815 badang

The ‘palak angol’ challenge where contestants need to blow up a balloon, place their foreheads on the end of a broomstick and spin around it several and then attempt to walk to the finish line with the balloon between their legs. It was a gleeful sight to see both of them wobbling their dizzily to the finish line.


JT Pic 9 20150815 badang

GBF man Armin leading the balloon-between-legs race.


JT Pic 10 20150815 badang

Suhaili (centre) keeping the excitement going, as GBF member Hazari (right) and a tourist from Spain dehusk coconuts using six-inch nails.


JT Pic 11 20150815 badang

The tourist receiving a hamper as a token of appreciation.


JT Pic 12 20150815 badang

Happy contestants taking part in the gunny sack race challenge.


JT Pic 13 20150815 badang

The gunny sack challenger being given a hamper as token of appreciation.


JT Pic 14 20150815 badang

Arif Airwani Mohamad Jaafar taking part in the Sarawak Golf challenge.


JT Pic 15 20150815 badang

GBF members cheering one of their own during the hilarious ‘Sarawak Gold’ segment of the challenge.


JT Pic 16 20150815 badang

A foreign tourist taking part in the blowing of balloon and sit on it until it pops.



JT Pic 18 20150815 badang

Blowing the balloons challenge until they explode.



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