i-CARE about Sarawak talk to be held Aug 10

KUCHING: Sarawak Development Institute (SDI) together with Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd (SAINS) will be organising a public talk on ‘i-CARE about Sarawak” on August 10 at Islamic Information Centre at 10am.

The talk, which is on Infocast Kenyalang (iK), will be presented by Allen Liew, Head, Digital Signage, Audiovisual and Energy (DSAVE) Unit, SAINS.

iK deploys state-of-the-art out-of-home (OOH) multimedia advertising technology, which operates over IP networks. iK allows effective management and timely delivery of contents to the target audience.

The purpose of iK is to facilitate dissemination of information to the public and it supports various file formats as contents, which include video, photo images, slide-show etc. iK terminals have been installed at about 100 popular locations throughout the state.

Those locations include counters at the District Offices, Local Authorities and other state agencies in both the urban and rural centers. In addition, iK screens are also found in the tourists information centers, hospitals, airports, bus and boat terminals. The contents of iK are composed centrally at the SAINS media centers (MC) and uploaded to the servers at the SAINS data center (DC).

iK provides ample opportunities to various segments in the society to reach their target audiences. The public sector could leverage iK to report the progress of public projects, promote public programs and services to encourage public involvements and participation.

On the other hand, the private sector could leverage iK to increase their visibility by advertising their products and services, publishing advertorials, showcasing new products and technologies, etc. Academicians could leverage iK to publish their research findings; while NGOs could ride on iK to appeal for volunteers and assistance. Generally, iK opens up a whole new world of opportunities for everyone. SAINS currently advertises non-commercial public interest contents on iK for free.
SDI and SAINS invite interested members of the public from corporate organisations, non-profit organisations, universities, colleges, research centres, business associations and community based organisations to the talk to learn more about the service. The talk would also include demo on the facility. Admittance to the talk is free and for registration, please contact SDI at 082-415484/416484 or email [email protected]

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