‘Hold Me Tight’ promises to be a heartwarming movie

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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(From left) Wong Kam Tat, Jazz Bai Lin, Remon Lim and Lenny Ooi (far left) during a press conference at the Star Cineplex, Kuching.

(From left) Wong Kam Tat, Jazz Bai Lin, Remon Lim and Lenny Ooi (far left) during a press conference at the Star Cineplex, Kuching.


GET YOUR TISSUES READY and be prepared to be moved by a heartwarming movie directed by Ivy Too ‘Hold Me Tight’.

‘Hold Me Tight’ is a family-themed movie that is bound to move the audience to tears as it explores the deep meaning of family values and the relationship between its members.

Set in Melaka, the movie follows two women of different backgrounds as they go through the journey of motherhood and search for their ultimate dreams.

Featuring talented local artist, Remon Lim who plays Ah Lian, a mother of two, who travels from Melaka to Muar with her best friend Shirley to meet her son with whom she has a troubled relationship.

“During the journey, we meet a lot of people with funny characters along the way,” said Remon of her characters during a press conference at Star Cineplex Kuching on July 8th.

Remon says her character learns how to be positive even in the toughest of times and situations.

While Remon in real life is completely different from her character, Ah Lian, she felt natural diving into the character since she found the script was good and moving.

“I was crying when I read it. Ah Lian is a typical Chinese mother who focuses on taking care of her family but they sort of take her for granted,” said Remon.

Playing the character of her somewhat rebellious son is Wong Kam Tat who, while he misses his family back home, has a rather strained relationship with his mother due to a misunderstanding that happened between them.

According to Wong, he has a hard time playing the role of the son as every scene almost got him teared up.

“I was afraid that if I started crying, I would jeopardise the shooting. But my co-stars were very nice and it was like family with them, making it easier to get into character,” said Wong.

In contrast to Ah Lian, Jazz Bai Lin who plays Shirley, leads a luxurious life and may be beautiful but is unhappy. Separated from her husband and neglected by her lawyer son, Shirley still manages to put up a bright and happy facade in front of her friends while masking her despair and unhappiness from others.

Playing the role of the bubbly best friend, it was Jazz Bai Lin’s first time acting in a movie. As it was her first movie, she took more than a month to prepare herself for the role.

Jazz first came under the spotlight when she won first runner up in ASTRO Classic Golden Melody in 2011, catching the attention of the producer who thought that she would be perfect for the role.

“I can say that I am about 20% similar with the character,” said Jazz as she pointed out that while age and motherhood might take a toll on most women, it did not mean they had to let themselves go.

“You age might increase as years goes by, but that does not mean stop taking care of yourself. Live happily and be confident,” said Jazz.

Also making a special cameo in the movie is music director, Lenny Ooi, who took approximately three months to complete the sounds and music for the movie. He feels that this has been his best work so far as he feels that the music composed comes from the heart.

For Lenny, the movie is special as not only it is a heart-warming movie with a mixture of comedy and drama, but also carries a message of family and love that everyone can relate to and also identify with their family members.

‘Hold Me Tight’ will be shown in all Star Cineplex cinemas in Kuching, Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Sandakan.

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