Spread a culture of giving and sharing this Ramadan season

By Patricia Hului


(From right to left) Hakim, Zabariah and Kerry during ‘Randau Semasa Azam’ with Sarawak.fm.

(From right) Hakim, Zabariah and Kerry during ‘Randau Semasa Azam’ with Sarawak.fm.


‘Spreading a Culture of Giving and Sharing’; this is Islamic Information Centre (IIC)’s theme for its breaking of fast programme with various faith-based organisations and community associations including the youths.

According to IIC chief executive officer, Zabariah Matali this year is the 7th year IIC organised such event during the month of Ramadan in its effort to enhance understanding and strengthen relations among the multi-ethnic and multi-religious populace of Sarawak.

Zabariah said this during ‘Randau Semasa Azam’ session with Sarawak.fm in RTM Sarawak on July 1.

She also shared the breaking of fast programme was held outside Kuching for the first time in Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Mukah last year.

“We are hoping to extend this programme to more places in Sarawak,” Zabariah added.

On the topic ‘Ramadan month to enhance religious and social harmony in Sarawak’, Zabariah reminded Sarawakians not to take our existing peace and harmony for granted.

“If you look at current situation, social media is influencing the mind of society especially the young ones and this is a trend we should be cautious of,” she stated.

On the same note, Azam Sarawak Communications Officer Mohd Hassnal Hakim Junaidi said there were people trying to sensationalise religious issues on social media until it went viral.

He added, “This can cause stereotypes in which the thoughts or views do not actually reflect reality.”

Information officer Kerry Edison also shared that the group’s upcoming event, Jejak Aspirasi Belia Bau will be held on August 1 and 2.

For more information on this event, ring them at 082-411799 or get in touch on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/azaminfo.

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