Applied energy and how it will influence energy sustainability

By Patricia Hului


Omar said, “Energy is like your money; it must have ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘spending’ in between."

Omar said, “Energy is like your money; it must have ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘spending’ in between.”


THE FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AT Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) held an Inaugural Lecture by Professor Dr Mohammad Omar Abdullah on June 17 at the Dewan Syarahan, Pusat Islam Abang Salahuddin.

Omar, who teaches at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Energy Sustainability, is also a renowned expertise in in his field and recognised both locally and internationally.

For his inaugural lecture titled, ‘Applied Energy and Environment: Past, Present and the Near Future’, Omar gave an overview of applied energy which draws on his extensive experience in conducting and evaluating research in the field.

The lecture highlights the history and current developments in applied energy and how it will influence energy sustainability in the future.

Omar explained that applied energy refers to any energy conversion when applied to energy systems which include energy conversion and conservation, energy resources and sustainability, energy process and environment applications analysis.

“Energy is like your money; it must have ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘spending’ in between,” Omar stated.

According to Omar, the energy policy makers must carefully plan so there is balance interrelation of energy resources, energy supply and energy demand.

He also urged the need for developing framework for safety and environment in energy industry in Sarawak should be considered.

“There are rooms for improvement of the present system especially from the environmental management perspective,” he said.

In his 45-minute public talk, Omar said “The subject of applied energy and environment is a concern for all people around the globe.

“More scientists and technologists who work hard and join hand-in-hand among universities, public and industries are required.”

Omar also highlighted some of the university’s research and development in the subject of applied energy.

Among the researches were adsorption automobile air conditioning, affordable hybrid fuel cell, biodiesel using oil based mud for petroleum offshore applications, hybrid microbial fuel cell and more comprehensive Score framework.

“Hopefully all of these projects will be successful that they can be used for all,” he said.

Omar also wrote a book called ‘Applied Energy: An Introduction’ for degree level students from all related disciplines of science and technology.

The inaugural lecture marked the first of Unimas’ Inaugural Lecture Series for 2015 and act as a platform to promote and celebrate the academic reputation of professorial staff.

Some 200 people attended the event.

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