Sheila Majid: A legend in her own right

By Jude Toyat


Sheila performing at a concert celebrating her 30th anniversary in the music industry recently

Sheila performing at a concert celebrating her 30th anniversary in the music industry recently.


THIS YEAR MARKS THE 30th year for Malaysian Queen of Pop Jazz Datuk Sheila Majid in the Malaysian music industry.

With a lifetime of dedication bringing the local music industry to greater heights, she draws recognition and respect from people around the world.

The Borneo Post SEEDS met her recently to gain her insights and views on what the Malaysian music industry has to offer today.

“The local music industry has to be taken more seriously to gain respect from people around the world,” she began, explaining that the industry players needed to look into several matters in order to earn recognition.

“It is sad to know that, today, most people think that entertainment is all Maharaja Lawak and slapstick comedy. Entertainment, including music, is a form of art and we tend to forget about it,” she explained.


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Music is regarded as the most universal of art forms capable of evoking emotion and a medium of unity.

“Music has the power to bring people together. Regardless of race and religion, we all listen to and appreciate the same music.

“Unfortunately today, I hate to say this, but people try to bring politics into music which tends to segregate people. I do not want this kind of mentality to go into the music industry,” she added.

As for the fans, Sheila wanted to remind those who like to download music for free to be more appreciative of musician’s masterpieces.

“It is almost impossible for us to get back our investment to make a better album in future if the trend of downloading illegal music and keeping illegal copies continues.

“We, as artists keep on giving. Whenever there is a campaign to raise funds or such, an artist will probably be the first person you will contact to promote the event, thus people must learn how to appreciate and help us too,” she added.


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Sheila, a mother of four added that for the love of music, she will continue doing good music.

As an entertainer with a 30-year long career span, Sheila advised the younger generation to always work hard on things that they do and be sincere about their efforts.

“The younger generation in music need to ask themselves: What is their purpose in the music industry? Is it for glamour? Because honestly, I tell you, there is no glamour, this is not Hollywood.

“Do not enter the music industry for the wrong reasons because you are going to be so disappointed,” she added.

It is necessary for the younger generation to sit down and think hard on what their goal is in the music industry.

“You really have to work hard on achieving your goals, and there is no easy way to do it. In this industry, you also have to be disciplined because you do not have a boss to tell you what to do, you have to do things by yourself, and realise the importance of doing music as your rice bowl,” she added on her advice to the younger generation in the music industry.


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On her current development, Sheila said that she was now working on the release of a new single for the soundtrack of a new movie called ‘Sinaran: The Movie’. The title of the song will be announced when the time comes.

Lisa Surihani and Indonesian actor Evan Sanders will play the leading roles in the musical-dance movie which follows the story of a college freshmen who learns about life and love in the face of challenges. Other notable names include Izara Aishah and Nadiah M Din.

Directed by Osman Ali, the movie is expected to be released later this year.

To celebrate her 30th year in the music industry, Sheila is going to organise a concert in the near future.

“I thought of organising the concert this year, but since it seems like I don’t have enough time for it, I probably have to push it to next year.

“But that will not deter me as I am going to use this whole year to celebrate my 30th year in the industry with my fans in different venues wherever I perform, which is more like a full year celebration instead of having just one big concert,” she added.


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