Little Kumangs and Kelings add cute factor to Borneo Harvest

A group photo of winners and subsidiary title holders with judges and representative from GEM Events Sylvia Tremas (back row, fourth right).

A group photo of winners and subsidiary title holders with judges and representative from GEM Events Sylvia Tremas (back row, fourth right).

THE GRAND FINALE OF the inaugural Borneo Harvest Little and Junior Kumang and Keling 2015 held at Penview Hotel last Saturday evening saw twenty-one finalists competed with their great introduction, talent and traditional costumes.

The finalists were Tasha Farisha Stephanie, Alvierra Alvin, Clara Marylynn, Santha Nathalya Saka, Eva Amber Soh, Jacqwin Joey Jickie, Megan Nacha Sengalang, Shera Lida Munchong, Nureen Farhana Mohd, Velonia Abygail, Marissa Natalie Marvin, Epyfania Ryu Bernard, Priscilla Joycelyn, Ulya Amani Halim Cheng, Shandeep Vrilliant Aoyuki, Sarvesan Vrilley Igarashi, Al-Firdaus Fathullah, Demetrius Dexter, Eric Dylan Bernard, Gibrael Mawat Clement, and Ezra Laing Lawrence.

The 21 finalists were divided into three categories namely the Borneo Harvest Little Kumang, Borneo Harvest Little Keling, and Borneo Harvest Junior Kumang.

Borneo Harvest Little Kumang saw Eva Amber Soh emerge champion, while Santha Nathalya Saka and Clara Marylynn placed second and third, respectively.

Marissa Natalie Marvin was the winner for Borneo Harvest Junior Kumang. First runner-up in the category went to Epyfania Ryu Bernard and second runner-up was Nureen Farhanna Mohd.

As for Borneo Harvest Little Keling, Gibrael Mawat Clement was the champion, while Sarvesan Vrilley Igarashi and Ezra Laing Lawrence were placed first and second runner-ups, respectively.

Champions received cash prize of RM150, while first and second runner-ups received RM100 and RM50, respectively. All top three winners also received cash voucher worth RM10 courtesy of POPULAR Bookstore.

As for the subsidiary titles, Clara Marylynn (Little Kumang), Marissa Natalie Marvin (Junior Kumang), and Gibrael Mawat Clement (Little Keling) won Borneo Harvest Best Costume in their category.

Meanwhile, Eva Amber Soh (Little Kumang), Nureen Farhanna Mohd (Junior Kumang), and Demetrius Dexter (Little Keling) was named the Borneo Harvest Favourite contestant in their category. The result was based on online votes received at ‘Borneo Harvest Little & Junior Kumang Keling’ official Facebook page.

Borneo Harvest Fitness subsidiary title was awarded to Megan Nacha Sengalang.

The winners and subsidiary title holders received a sash and a trophy courtesy of Sarawak Craft Council.

All twenty-one finalists also received sponsored prizes from Cats FM and certificates of participation from the organiser GEM Events.

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