Students assured of quality and recognition with world-ranked programmes

MIRI: Students joining Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak), Curtin University’s largest international campus, are assured of engineering and business programmes that are not only of the highest quality, but are also widely recognised by governments and industries across the world.

Curtin University recently featured in 19 out of 36 subjects in the 2015 QS World University Rankings by Subject, which rank universities at individual subject levels based on academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact.

As a full-fledged branch campus of Curtin University, Curtin Sarawak offers identical programmes and degrees as its parent in Perth, which means students can expect the same level of teaching and learning as their Australian counterparts, use the same unit structures and study materials, and receive a degree that is awarded directly by the main campus.


Curtin Sarawak offers programmes identical to those at its Australian parent

Curtin Sarawak offers programmes identical to those at its Australian parent


Moreover, they can transfer to the main campus at any time to complete their Curtin degrees.

For those wishing to take up Curtin courses at Curtin Sarawak, it is to be noted that Curtin University ranks in the world’s top 100 for chemical engineering and earth and marine sciences, and top 150 for electrical and electronic engineering and communication and media studies.

It is also in the top 200 for civil engineering, computer science and information systems, environmental sciences, accounting and finance, and business and management studies; and top 300 in mechanical engineering.


Britamy Ferrdino, Jarrod Carlin, Kayla Surace - Curtin 2012 International Student Prospectus.

Britamy Ferrdino, Jarrod Carlin, Kayla Surace – Curtin 2012 International Student Prospectus.


Curtin Sarawak offers a range of Curtin undergraduate courses in these disciplines, as well as postgraduate courses by coursework or research in many of them.

Curtin’s outstanding results in the rankings has been welcomed at Curtin Sarawak as they contribute to the strength and attractiveness of the range of programmes it offers, particularly as such rankings are very important considerations for parents and students in Malaysia and some other countries in deciding which university to choose.

“Naturally, we are excited about the latest rankings. We in Curtin pride ourselves on being recognised nationally and internationally for excellence in education and research,” said Curtin Sarawak’s Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Professor Jim Mienczakowski.


Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Jim Mienczakowski

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Jim Mienczakowski


He said parents and students nowadays require more detailed relevant advisory information to make informed decisions, and the collection of independent and objective data on the performance of universities across a range of measures, such as quality and delivery of programmes, entry standards, student satisfaction, tuition fees and graduate employment rates, can be of great help to them.

He added that the rankings are testimony to the efforts Curtin puts into ensuring its programmes are of the highest quality, and that it provides richly interactive and personalised learning experiences for its students, equipping them with leadership skills for the future and valuing them as partners in education and research.

“At Curtin Sarawak, we not only offer identical programmes as Curtin in Australia but also an undifferentiated student learning experience and similar student support mechanisms.

By learning through exposure to research, business and industry, our students gain first-hand work experience and the valuable skills needed to be successful members of the work force immediately upon graduation,” Professor Mienczakowski remarked.

Published annually since 2011, the QS World University Rankings by Subject highlights the world’s leading institutions in individual subject areas, covering 36 academic disciplines as of 2015. The rankings are compiled based on QS’s major global surveys of academics and graduate employers, as well as research citations data from Scopus.

In 2015, the opinions of 85,062 academics and 41,910 employers informed the results, alongside analysis of 17.3 million research papers and over 100 million citations.

For more information on Curtin Sarawak, visit its website (, its Facebook page (CurtinUniversitySarawakMalaysia), Twitter profile (curtinsarawak), YouTube channel at (CurtinUniSarawak), or Instagram (curtinsarawak).

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