First time mothers on what to expect

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit


You might think that she is the most annoying human being on the planet with her endless nagging about cleaning your room, her control over your decisions, and that she thinks she knows everything about you… but truth is, mothers do know best.

It does not matter how old and mature you become… some of us may still freak out if we lose our mom at the supermarket (I know I still do).

Being a mother isn’t easy. To celebrate this Mother’s Day, Borneo Post SEEDS asked these first-time mothers about their experiences and what they were hoping for their firstborns.



Nazlinna and her seven-month old daughter , Chinonso Faustina Ifeanyi.


When Nazlinna Elnie, a 26-year-old medical lab technologist found out that she was pregnant for the first time, she was so happy that she could not believe it and she actually took a second test just to make sure.

“The first time I saw the double line on my UPT stick, I feel that I was dreaming. I can’t believe that I’M PREGNANT. I was so happy that I could not stop smiling,” said Nazlinna.

The first people she told were her husband and mother.

“They were happy, since my husband and I had been planning on having a child,” she said.

After learning about her pregnancy, the only thing that went through her mind was how to protect her child.

“Once I found out that I was going to be a mom, I wanted to give the best to my little one and protect my baby. I want to protect her from danger and so I was being extra careful during the first trimester by eating good healthy food and even taking supplements,” said Nazlinna.

Upon finding out she was expecting a baby girl, Nazlinna hoped that her daughter would understand her and hope the bond between them would be stronger.

For this Mother’s Day, the first time mother of a beautiful seven-month old girl would like to honour her own mother – who would better understand what she is going through as a mother?



Wendy and her one year old daughter, Marnisha Rachelle Tamoh.


When 25-year-old entrepreneur Wendy Laura Sumur first found out that she was expecting, she was both happy and terrified.

“I thought I was ready for motherhood and for everything that comes with it. I did not know how to tell everyone about the news, I was speechless. I was happy that I could not stop laughing while the doctor scanned my belly showing her moving her limbs, I just could not believe that a human being was growing inside of me. I kept asking myself did I have the strength to eat for two persons or to even breathing for both of us,” said Wendy of her pregnancy experience.

Worries aside, she thought it would a breeze raising a child since she herself loved babies, but then it turned out to be otherwise.

“Well, at first I thought that I would be a perfect mother. It felt great because I love babies. I expected it to be easy, but no one is perfect. Sometimes I feel like giving up and I planned for no more children after her.”

But then, Wendy learned to see things from a positive perspective from her daughter.

“She teaches me to see all the positive sides of life. I learned patience and tolerance. Not to forget, learning to become a great teacher and a good role model. We ended up depending on each other. All the struggles and challenges feel easier with her presence. To my surprise, growing up with her makes me want more kids in the future,” she added.

Wendy said her pregnancy was the happiest moment of her life.

“I was very healthy, I had no cravings or cramps, difficulty in breathing or sleeping and such. She was very tolerant inside my belly, except that she always kicked me from the inside which I understand because she had grown and had restricted space to move around in. It was a very beautiful pregnancy. Although the labor pain was really hard to cope with, I’d still say it was beautiful,” said Wendy.

For Mother’s Day, Wendy felt that women all around the world regardless of whose children they are raising or nurturing should be recognised for their compassion and contributions.

“This includes women who have lost their child to certain health conditions, women who are unable to conceive and who choose to adopt. Not forgetting the men who take responsibility as both mother and father for their child. The list is very long to be mentioned here. Every woman is unique. Give her a child, she will change the world forever,” she said.

A mother’s experience is priceless but for a first-time mother, some might have terrifying images of their pregnancy and this was no exception for Mia Saches, 35, who has a four year old child.


Mia Saches

Mia and her four year old son, Nicholas Christian Gorino.



“Of course I felt happy, but worried at the same time. Why? All sorts of questions came to my mind. Am I going to have an easy or difficult pregnancy? Is my baby going to be okay and normal? Will I be a good mother?” said the assistant environmental health officer.

Despite her worries, Mia and her husband were nonetheless thrilled to be having an additional member to their family.
Nine months later, out came their son, Nicholas Christian Gorino.

“Thank God it was an easy pregnancy but I had to deliver my son through c-section. I learned that to recover from c-section delivery is much harder than normal delivery,” she said.

Mia hoped that her son would grow up to be a good man.

“When he is being naughty, I would tell him how difficult it was to carry him for 9 months so that all the morning sicknesses and the back pains wee worth it,” joked Mia.

She advised first-time mothers to do lot of research about pregnancy and be prepared both mentally and physically for any circumstances.
“This is not just for the first-time mothers but for their husbands too. One more thing, don’t buy too many baby clothes. They grow up so fast,” she added.

In a shout out to the women in her life, first time mother Mia felt that her late grandmother, her mother and mother-in-law definitely deserved to be honoured this Mother’s Day.

So, for this Mother’s Day, go home and hug your mother if you have not done so and tell her how much you appreciate having her in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

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