Glamorous carries the win at Dota2 tournament

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit



Boulevard DotA2 tournament winners Glamorous (centre) flanked by first runner-ups Swinburne eSports Club (right) and second runner-ups Martians (left). -Photo courtesy of Gizmo Gamers.



OUT OF 64 TEAMS, the final round of the Boulevard DotA2 Tournament on May 4 saw three teams coming out on top with team Glamorous finally clinching the win followed by Swinburne eSports Club in second place and Martians in third.

Looking relaxed and loose after their win, the team members of Glamorous were anything but during the tournament.

Made up of five members, Glamorous is made up of team leader Yang Liang Ying, 21, who takes the position as carry in the online battle arena game and his teammates Kong Kian Chin, 23, as drafter, William Hii, 20, and Raymond Then Wan Jia, 19, both as supporters and Low Kian Siong, 16, as the carry.

One of the most actively played games online, DotA or Defense of the Ancients is a team-based multiplayer game consisting of ten players at a time, split into two teams of five. Each player control one character or hero with different role or position in the game and the teams fight for control across a virtual battlefield.

For Yang, his interest in DotA started 10 years ago when he was still in primary school.

“Back then, I noticed people playing DotA in cybercafes and what they played on the computer caught my attention. I got curious about the whole concept of the game and that is how I started to play,” he said.



Two teams made up of five members each face off in the virtual battle arena.


He joined his first DotA tournament back in 2007 and that was when he met his first team member, Kong, while the rest he met during various tournaments and through mutual friends.

For Yang, to be able to operate as a team, it is important to have chemistry and mutual understanding among its members. Even so, he admitted that no team was perfect and sometimes members would face conflict or misunderstandings during tournaments.

“But the most important thing is communication among teammates to overcome the friction,” he said.



Teamwork is essential in this online multiplayer game that hinges on strategy.


According to Yang, as their team members are either working or still in school, they have to organise their schedules to fit in at least five hours of training every night to polish their gaming skills.

Jointly held by Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching and Gizmo Gamers, the DotA2 tournament ran alongside the ICT Expo from May 1-4 and was endorsed by eSports Malaysia (eSM).

Meanwhile, eSports Malaysia-Sarawak was officially launched  by Assistant Minister of Sports Datuk Lee Kim Shin at Boulevard Shopping Mall.

Formed in January this year, eSM is registered and governed by the Sports and Commission of Malaysia to promote, develop and regulate electronic sports in a professional manner. It has been officially recognised as a competitive sport under the Ministry of Youth and Sports.



Assistant Minister of Sports Datuk Lee Kim Shin trying his hand at the game at the closing ceremony of the Boulevard Dota2 tournament.



According to Lee, there are currently 9.9 million PC gamers in Malaysia ranging from the 13 to 35 years of age. They make up about 35% of the Malaysia population.

“The gaming industry is roughly set at USD80 billion globally and therefore it is an opportunity for the youths to explore and invest in,” he said.

Lee added that eSM Sarawak could help guide the youth in exploring ICT career opportunities.



Also present during the official launching was Datuk Bandar of Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) Datuk Abang Wahab Julai (fourth left), eSM Sarawak advisor Datuk Wee Hong Seng (third left), president of eSM Datuk Latt Shariman Abdullah (third right) and president of eSM Sarawak Ian W Lee (right).


To ensure that electronic sports in Sarawak are regulated professionally, eSM Sarawak also aims to regulate student gamers via the university and college leagues where they will impose an academic pass rate for students who wish to compete in eSM events.

Since the soft launch of eSM Sarawak in March, it has gained 800 followers and is now being assisted by eSM in setting up eSM clubs in universities and college leagues like the Swinburne eSports Club and iCats eSports Club.

On the national level, eSM clubs have also been set up in various universities and colleges, such as UniKL eSports Club, Malay College Kuala Kangsar eSports Club, and UNIRAZAK eSports Club.

eSM Sarawak aims to continuously host or endorse eSports tournaments throughout the Sarawak.

Partnering with Telekom Malaysia, eSM Sarawak is working closely with them to ensure the technical infrastructure needs are catered for gamers during tournaments.

Currently, eSM Sarawak is selectively and stringently setting up branches throughout Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri.

To know more about eSM, check out their facebook page at or at

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