DJ Kiyoshi on what it takes to be behind the mike

By Jude Toyat


Kiyoshi on what it takes to be a radio announcer.

Kiyoshi on what it takes to be a radio announcer.


MANY PEOPLE LISTEN TO radio but don’t know much about what goes on beyond the cheerful voice and the music. On April 17, Form 4 and 5 students at Lodge Secondary School got up close and personal with HitzFM announcer Kiyoshi about being on radio and what working as a radio announcer was all about.

“Sometimes, these students don’t really know that there are opportunities out there for them too. Most of them will think that they should become a doctor, engineer or a businessman when they grow – up which is good – but some of them are just not meant for it,” he said.

“These students are more creative and they want to make creative stuff, so since we have our station here in Sarawak, it will be much easier for them to get their foot through the door and pursue what they want to do in life with the platform that we have created,” explained Kiyoshi, who has worked with the station for almost three years.




For Kiyoshi, the everyday perks being a radio announcer is the freedom to be himself and be entertained by good music. Besides that, he loves having access to celebrities during big events as well as helping people through charity events organised by the station.

When asked what the biggest misconception about being a radio announcer was, Kiyoshi said: “I would say that people think radio announcers are stuck up sometimes. When people see you as an announcer and you get to be on radio, you are perceived as a celebrity, when as a matter of fact, we are just the same as the rest of the people out there.

“I always remind myself to not let the whole hype about being an announcer get to me because I am not special; I am just the same like everyone else. If I am not the announcer now, there’s going to be someone else here talking and being the announcer, so everyone is an announcer in their own way,” he added.

For Blaine Chai, 17, the talk delivered by Kiyoshi taught him about an announcer’s job prospects and the things that they have to deal with everyday.


Blaine Chai

Blaine Chai


“As for me, I might consider being an announcer, because Kiyoshi makes it sound really interesting. Being a radio announcer lets me be whoever I want and it gives me that free going spirit on,” he added.

Meanwhile, for Hillary Ting, 17, she would be very happy if she could become someone like Kiyoshi in future.


Hillary Ting

Hillary Ting


“Besides meeting the artistes and celebrities, I get to also wear clothes that I want, as long as it is comfortable, as well as doing fun things like scripting, generating ideas and stuff which are mostly fun,” she said.
As for Kelvin Yung, 17, he said that it is important for him to always be confident if he wanted to be a radio announcer in the near future.

“I have to think fast because I will be on the radio and get things prepared quickly as well as always be excited about what I have to say,” said Kelvin whose favourite HitzFM announcers are Jinnyboy and Ean who are very entertaining.


Kelvin Yung

Kelvin Yung


“They can deliver what they are talking about with great substance. I have always wanted to become someone similar to them,” he added.

During the talk, the Hitz Cruiser team also organised some games and quizzes for students to win some goodies from the station as well as giving opportunities for them to get their autographs.

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