Bicycle race fans can look forward to Tour of Sarawak 2016

By Jude Toyat


Mawan endorsing the Tour of Sarawak 2016.

Mawan endorsing the Tour of Sarawak 2016.


Avid cyclists can look forward to a new local racing event to test their mettle next year with the Tour of Sarawak 2016.

Organised by Fadz Industries Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Persatuan Rakan BN Sarawak, Tour of Sarawak 2016 is a five-stage road bicycle race sanctioned by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) as a 2.2 race, and will be plotted from north to south of Sarawak.

The five-day race will begin in Miri, and head south through Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei, Sri Aman to its final stop at Kuching covering a calculated distance of 814 km.

According to Minister of Social Development Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom, the event to be held from Jan 27 to 31 will be a new attraction for tourists as well as bring more economic impact to the state.

“The ministry is very pleased that an event of this magnitude will be held here in Sarawak which involves nearly 20 countries including the Great Britain, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Iran, South Africa, Philippines, and Hong Kong,” said Mawan during a press conference held at the Masja Building on April 17. He is also chairman for the event.

“With this initiative, it is also hoped that this will be a yearly event for us here, with each year bringing more participants from different countries to Sarawak,” he added.

According to event consultant Nik Hisham Nik Aziz, Sarawak will be sending one team of six riders for the competition.

“Cycling is not a new thing here in Sarawak but what matters most is for us to be able to gather cyclists from many countries here and give them the opportunity to interact and learn about our environment and cultures here, which will make it distinctive in itself.”

Tour of Sarawak 2016 will also be included in the UCI Asia Tour calendar which sees participation from the worldwide professional cycling community.

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