Fun activities, displays and more aboard Logos Hope

By Jude Toyat


On April 3, I made my way onboard the Logos Hope, deemed the largest floating book fair in the world. It was my first time that I had visited a floating book fair, and good to know that this ship would be here at the Sim Kheng Hong port in Pending throughout April.

It arrived at the port on April 1 and was officially open to the public the next day.

Before entering the ship, I queued up in a long line to pay a fee of RM1, and was quite amazed by the number of people who thronged the fair… but who doesn’t want to enter a ship at only RM1 per entry (adult) and free for children aged 12 and below?


The interiors of the Logos Hope (1)


Before I entered, I managed to be among the hundreds shutterbugs snapping memorable pictures for me to show to my beloved ones back home.

Once I had entered, I was welcomed to sit inside a boat-like structure and listen to a volunteer describing the ship’s interior and share some useful information with the aid of a big screen in front.

After about 10 minutes of explanation, I finally entered the book fair located to the left of the structure and was amazed at the 5,000 books of interesting titles and genres for sale priced at RM8 upwards.


Logos Hope


I knew with that number of people, it would be pretty hard for me to move around, so to be on the safe side, I just inched my way around to check out the various titles before deciding on where to stop and start browsing.

To be honest, I had not heard of most of the book titles, but fortunately, everything had been arranged in such a neat and orderly way that I could just walk through those shelves that I was most fond of like William Shakespeare’s all-time classics.

Although most of the titles were Christian-themed, there were also books of famous fictional characters including Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, as well as books by writer Enid Blyton.




It is advisable for you to eat first before entering the book fair as you will feel the urge to eat once you see some ‘delicious’ books, especially on the shelves with signages that say ‘Hungry?’, as well as ‘Soups & Starters’, ‘Chicken’, ‘Low fat & Low carb’, ‘General Cooking’, ‘Special Diets’.

Other general titles were also available including Books for Teenagers, Management, Leadership, Atlas, Business & Marketing, Puzzles, Fiction, Historical Novels, Classics, Biographies, Parenting, Disney Special, and Special Offers. Lots of books for kids too that include ‘Children 4-7’, ‘Children 8-12’, and ‘Children’s Bibles’ among others.

Unfortunately, after hours of browsing I could not even make up my mind on what book to buy, maybe due to the free readings which I enjoyed most of the time, and some last-minute errand which interrupted my journey through the store! Sayang!


Photos series of the Prodigal Son (11)


Making my way out I encountered a series of illustrations portraying the journey of The Prodigal Son, a parable about a man who wastes all the money his father gives him.

Leaving the photo room, I saw visitors stop by the International Café and order themselves some drinks, ice-cream, and cakes. Although I was hungry, I had to leave, and to my dismay into the heavy rain which made my journey way out even more memorable.

So, my only advice to those who are planning to visit the Logos Hope, it is best for you guys to visit it on weekdays as it wouldn’t be so packed and do bring your camera along as there are lots of interesting things that you can take photos of here.

Other details to remember are:

British Evening Tea Time – April 17, 7pm to 8.30pm

Open ship event – April 19, 2pm to 6pm

International Music Night – April 26, 7pm to 9pm

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