Celebrating Azam’s evergreen missions

By Jude Toyat


Over the past couple of years, Angkatan Zaman Mansang (Azam) Sarawak has been focusing on working with the youth community through various programmes and activities focused on building their capacity in leadership and volunteerism.

Founded about 32 years ago, Azam has 125 active members including 74 Life members comprising civil servants, media practitioners, politicians, academicians, professionals, members of private and corporate sectors, and retired professionals.

To celebrate the contributions of the older generation, Azam held a gathering of its members at their retro-themed ‘Evergreen AZAM – a blast from the past!’ held at Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching on Feb 28.





“More than half of our members are from non-public sectors, 21 per cent are retirees, and 10 per cent are academicians. Our youngest member is aged 37.

“Currently, Azam is intensifying efforts to grow its youth membership specifically from the age of 21 to 30. These members will have their own set of programmes and activities, focusing on building their capacity in leadership and volunteerism,” said Safri Zainudin, chairman of Azam’s Membership and Establishment Committee.

The older members of Azam will have the opportunity to mentor the youth members and contribute to their development.


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On future activities for Azam members, a workshop on development communication and volunteerism has been proposed to be held in May for Azam members and youth volunteers.

“The objectives of the workshop are to enhance the spirit of volunteerism in development among members; and to keep members engaged in contributing to the goals and objectives of the organisation,” he added. Some of the organisation’s goals include urban development, human capacity building, social development and sustainable development.

Azam will be celebrating its 32nd anniversary this year in September.


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To keep updated with Azam’s activities, log on to Azam Facebook, Twitter account @azamsarawak as well as their YouTube channel Azam Online TV.

Others attending the gathering were Sarawak State Secretary Tan Sri Datuk Amar Mohamad Morshidi Abdul Ghani, who is also the Chairman of Azam, Azam Toastmasters and committee members of AZAM Youth Central.

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