Music never sleeps for Jason Chen

By Jude Toyat


Hailing from USA, Jason Chen, 26, is a Taiwanese American pop singer whose singing career began in a dorm-room performing covers for YouTube before he gained the attention of millions of fans from all over the world with his immense musical talent.



Jason Chen has clocked 1,146,176 subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘MusicNeverSleeps’.


Born November 12, 1988, friendly and good-looking Chen started singing at the age of 17, and with a musical background in violin, he had always been inspired to pursue music as it was a way for him to express himself.

“All my songs are about real experiences and the things I am feeling at that moment. That’s what really inspires me to do music.”

It was during his college years in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) back in 2010 when his dorm mates forced him to put clips of himself singing onto YouTube, and then from there, he continued to post videos of popular cover songs and collaborations with his friends.

He gradually evolved from performing song covers to producing and performing original music. So far he has released dozens of singles and four albums, namely ‘Gravity’ (2011), ‘Never for Nothing’ (2013), ‘What If’ (2013), and the latest one being ‘Glass Heart’ (2014).


Jason's musical career may have began when he was 17, but it wasn't until his dorm-mates forced him to post his covers up on YouTube that his musical career soared.

Chen’s passion for singing may have began when he was 17, but it wasn’t until his dorm-mates forced him to post his covers up on YouTube that his musical career soared.


Chen has now built his own studio and created a merchandise line for his brand ‘Music Never Sleeps.’

“Music for me, is something that is relatable to everyone regardless of the language they speak or the colour of their skin. Moreover, in this period of time, I think music which may include instruments such as piano and violin as well as vocals is a pure form of expression,” he said when interviewed by The Borneo Post SEEDS when he came to Kuching recently to perform during Reach Out 2015.

Organised by iM4U, the programme focuses on promoting volunteerism.


Jason onstage during the Reach Out programme organised by iM4U.

Chen onstage during the Reach Out programme organised by iM4U.


On volunteering, Jason said: “Volunteering is really important and I have been volunteering pretty much my whole life. I think the most important part about volunteering is that you have to do something that isn’t ‘work’ to you.

“Personally, there are things and issues that I care about that other people might not, for example, the environment or certain laws. Some might believe it is really important for to keep the beach clean while others believe it’s really important to care for animals.

“So find something that you don’t think is work and then it’s gonna be really easy for you. It’s not going to feel like you’re doing a job, but it is something that you just want to spend your time on,” Chen added.

He admitted that YouTube and the Internet had made a huge impact in his life. “With the power of YouTube and the Internet, I can share something with everyone in the world in a single click. If people who follow you like your content, you can really just do that as your career.

“Being able to travel to a lot of different countries, including Asia and Europe, that is really cool and I do consider that as my proudest achievement so far. Plus, I just received a plaque from YouTube for hitting a million subscribers on my channel, and it’s a very significant milestone in my life.

Currently, he is in the midst of writing a load of new songs. “I love writing songs, and I do consider doing songs in Mandarin as well. Playing Chinese originals does make me feel really proud. Also, at this moment, like coming here to perform, I do love travelling as I believe that I will be able to inspire others the way that they inspire me.”


Jason's in the middle of writing a 'bunch' of new songs, and is interested in singing in Mandarin.

Chen’s in the middle of writing a ‘bunch’ of new songs, and is considering doing songs in Mandarin.


Besides Malaysia, Chen has performed in various countries including Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States.

Chen advises aspiring singers or artists to do something for the right reason. “Don’t go into singing for the purpose of being famous or making money. Otherwise, you’re going to have a very difficult time when things don’t start rolling right away. So, do it for the right reason and love what you do.”

For those who want to get to know and keep in touch with Jason Chen, follow him on his YouTube channel, Other social network include Facebook at Jason Chen Music, Twitter at @JasonDChen, Instagram at jasondchen as well as his website at His latest album, Glass Heart, released on Dec 14 last year features 12 songs especially for his ever-loving fans.


Watch Jason Chen’s original video from Glass Heart ‘Holiday’ ft Dannie Riel below:



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