Go Bald enters 7th edition this year

By Jude Toyat


SCCS Manager Jodie Sim (right) and her Assistant Manager Afreeda Nawawi (left) holding the pledge cards for Go Bald 2015

SCCS manager Jodie Sim (right) and assistant manager Afreeda Nawawi holding the pledge cards for Go Bald 2015.



The pledge cards for the seventh edition of Go Bald, the largest and first head-shaving fundraising event in Sarawak organised by the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) will be distributed from March 7 at several locations in Kuching.

According to SCCS manager Jodie Sim, through these pledges, participants which may consists of families, friends and other well-wishers can help to raise funds for the society apart from shaving their heads to demonstrate support for children who are battling cancer.

“By being a part of Go Bald, participants are sending a powerful message that it is ok to lose your hair, and that hair loss is only a temporary setback on the road to recovery,” she said during a press conference held at the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Centre at Taman Desa Wira office.

The pledge cards can be collected at (1) Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society at Taman Desa Wira office from 8a.m. to 5p.m. every Mondays to Fridays, (2) CityOne Megamall Information Counter from 10am to 9pm daily, (3) AD Jeans at Plaza Merdeka and Boulevard Shopping Mall from 10am to 9pm daily, and (4) Go Bald Roadshow at CityOne Megamall every weekend.

“Last year, RM1.1 million was raised through Go Bald with a total of 1,829 head shaves. This year, SCCS intends to raise fund for the setup of a new transit home in Miri. Hopefully, we can get the home completed by middle of this year, with a budgeted amount of approximately RM800 thousand. We also want to focus more on improving their support services in every aspects.

“For Go Bald 2015, SCCS is targeting to raise RM1.5 million with a total of 2300 head shaves in total for Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri and for the first time ever, SCCS is going to hold a satellite shave at Sri Aman on April 12 which it is yet to be finalised,” she added.

The main event for Go Bald 2015 will kick off in Kuching on May 3 at CityOne Megamall, Sibu on May 10 at Delta Mall, Miri on May 25 at Bintang Megamall, and Bintulu on May 24 at Parkcity Everly Hotel.

“People used to look at bald people like so weird. Fortunately, nowadays, especially in the month of May, you will see lots of bald people in the street and you will hear them saying ‘Oh, they must have gone bald’. It has become a common thing in the society so people don’t really focus on the hair loss anymore. It is really encouraging to see the response that we have received so far,” Sim added.

For Go Bald 2015, the minimum fundraising amount per person is RM50. For students, it is necessary for them to get consent from both their headmasters and their parents, to allow them to shave their heads for Go Bald.

Sim also encouraged corporate companies and organizations to carry out satellite shaves at their premises.

“With a minimum of 20 persons to go bald, we will get the hairdressers and do the shaving at their offices. By doing so, they will get the support that they want in a fun environment surrounded by their colleagues. It is also highly encouraged for them to do it as part of their corporate social responsibility,” Sim said.

For those who wish to perform the satellite shave, may contact Afreeda Nawawi at 013-8338667 for more details.

Meanwhile, for members of the public who wish to be part of SCCS by being their volunteers, they can fill up their volunteering forms on their website at www.gobald.my. Also, they can check their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GoBald.

Go Bald 2015 Kuching is supported by Tru Events, AD Jeans, YFS Fashion Chain Store and Cahya Mata Sarawak. The official venue sponsor for Kuching is CityOne Megamall, Delta Mall for Sibu, Bintang Megamall for Miri and Park City Everly Hotel for Bintulu.

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