Full house gathering of local young artistes at #kopisenimusik

About 40 youths enjoyed an evening of kopi and arts in an event organised by the AZAM Youth Central volunteers, a radio announcer for ERAfm, Chopie Cakap and a group of youth videographers, Orgkampong at the Medan PELITA Kuching on Sunday.


Amirul Zah, a singer and song writer performing during the session at AZAM Youth Central.

Amirul Zah, a singer and song writer performing during the session at AZAM Youth Central.


The inaugural event event dubbed ‘KopiSeniMuzik’ was a collaboration of performing arts enthusiasts, a mix of experienced professionals in the local film and theater scene and fans to promote the performing arts among the locals and promote AZAM Youth Central as an avenue where local youths can gather and be engaged in healthy social activities.

The highlights of the evening included a piece from Syed Haziq, a youth volunteer, who presented a monologue titled ‘Sahabat’ and emotion laden poetry recitals by Amy Amin, one of the brains behind the activity and another local poem enthusiast Naanaa Dean.

Talented musicians, Zah Amirul and Dyra, recited their poems accompanied by acoustic guitar music. These were followed by rap pieces by Asyraf Hardy, a young rapper who is also the chairman of AZAM Youth Central, accompanied by Razalie of Sonar Instinct, a Kuching based independent band, on the guitar.

The evening also featured a powerful preview on a full theatre piece entitled ‘Diari Seorang Ibu’ by local theatre performers , Jalot Jeman, Jazzren Mahdeli and Mazlan Hipni.

The audience of the get-together of young local artistes were also presented with insightful monologues from Chopie Cakap, entitled ‘Aku Binti Abdullah’ and Ali Muhamad, a veteran in the local performance arts scene, performed a monologue on his personal rise and fall in the local film industry as well as words of advice to the youths on life.
The evening also provided a question and answer question for the audience and artiste.

This inaugural small artistic rendezvous initiated by the AZAM Youth Central volunteers and friends helped to provide a fresh platform for local youth in the local performing arts scene to showcase their talents and discuss their crafts. It is hoped that this function will pave the way for larger events for local artistes and creative souls.

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