Curtin Sarawak expanding student housing options

MIRI: With increasing numbers of students requiring university-managed housing on and near its campus each year, Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) is constantly seeking to expand its student housing options.

Current on-campus and university-managed accommodation at the Curtin Village, Curtin Villa and Curtin Water student community enclaves in Desa Senadin near the university have been experiencing very high occupancy rates over the last few years.


Round the clock security presence give students ease of mind.

Round the clock security presence give students ease of mind.


Whilst new student housing blocks on campus are being planned to complement the existing six Lakeside Apartments blocks housing over 300 students, the university has made the move to purchase a number of new houses at Curtin Water that will be converted into well-appointed student residences to meet immediate needs.

Curtin Water is a new residential estate situated on a 139-acre piece of land within walking distance of the campus, with lush wetlands and scenic lakes nearby. Facilities for residents include an outdoor basketball court, recreation park, convenience store and café.

Curtin Sarawak has maintained a student community enclave comprising 34 units of double-storey houses within the larger estate since 2013. Some 200 students occupy rooms in the houses in the enclave, now known as Curtin Water I.

The new Curtin Water II enclave, made up of the purchased 26 units and 12 rented units, will house an additional 266 students.

The units provide a comfortable, home-like environment for the students, with tastefully designed interiors that include a living room space, dining area, kitchen and laundry facilities. They should be ready for occupation by the end of July, in time for the next intake of students in August.

As with Curtin Water I and the other student community enclaves, it is gated with round-the-clock security provided by campus security staff and equipped with a CCTV surveillance system. In addition, every house comes with an alarm system and added security is provided by Curtin Water’s security team at the estate’s main gate.

Students will also be able to use the university’s shuttle bus service to and from the campus, as well as access public buses passing through Desa Senadin.

“Though our students have the option of finding their own accommodation in Miri, we would prefer they stay in university-managed housing where security is ensured, housing support services are available, and they can live among fellow Curtin students,” said Curtin Sarawak Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Jim Mienczakowski.

He said that such a conducive environment will put them at ease and in the right frame of mind to study, and it is especially beneficial to students who are new to Miri, particularly international students who are experiencing living in Malaysia for the first time.

According to Professor Mienczakowski, the sense of camaraderie among the over 400 international students at Curtin Sarawak is apparent and the shared experience of living and learning together can create strong friendships. They enjoy meeting and interacting with people from all over the world and have the convenience of shops, eateries and other amenities within walking distance of their accommodations and within the campus.

Housing and Recreation Services Manager Chin Li Yen, meanwhile, commented that living on-campus and in the other university-managed accommodations helps students develop personal independence, part of a complete university experience.

“We know how important it is to have safe, comfortable and convenient housing. Whether students are interested in living on campus or off campus, our Housing Services team can help them find a place to live. However, due to high demand, we recommend they apply for student housing as soon as they apply to study at Curtin Sarawak,” she said.

She added that besides living in a safe and friendly multicultural environment, students in student housing can join in the many social activities organised by the Housing Services team for them.

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