Sock toys for snuggling

By Patricia Hului


IT IS SNUGGLING SEASON here in Sarawak thanks to the almost daily downpour. As the temperature drops, some of us prefer to cover ourselves with our blankets or hug our favourite childhood pillow or teddy bear.

But most of us would not have the thought to snuggle a sock toy instead.

A sock toy is what you imagine it would be: a toy made from socks.

Kuching-based sock toy maker, Lim Chi Yin started venturing into the craft of making these cuddly items in 2011.

“At the time, I had just come back from completing my degree in contract management in Kuala Lumpur. Then I got sick and had to stay home,” Lim reminisced. “I came across an article from a magazine about a girl who was making sock toys. I saw it and I really like it.”


ANIMAL KINGDOM: Lim with her sock toys of animal kingdom during second Sam-Pat Bazaar on Jan 10.

ANIMAL KINGDOM: Lim with her animal kingdom of sock toys during the second Sam-Pat Bazaar on Jan 10.


From there she started researching and beginning to practice the basic skills on how to make one herself.

She started to make these soft toy to earn extra pocket money while staying at home. From there Lim started pursuing the craft full time and started a business called Poco Handmade.

Lim who is in her 30s, perhaps the only full-time sock toys maker here in Kuching.

“I have seen people making these sock toys here in Kuching. But I have not encounter people coming out and selling it full time.”


SOCK BUNNY: One of Lim’s sock toys. This one is made of socks for the body and hand gloves for the shirt.

SOCK BUNNY: One of Lim’s sock toys. This one’s body is made of socks while its shirt is made of hand gloves.

HANDMADE KEYCHAINS: Lim also made handmade keychains out of fabric and felts.

HANDMADE KEYCHAINS: Lim also make handmade keychains out of fabric and felt.


She is selling these through bazaars like the Sam-Pat bazaar which is where The Borneo Post SEEDS caught up with her. Like any savvy businesswoman, she also caters for online orders.

Besides hopping around bazaars and markets in Kuching, her sock toys also have reached the shores of Singapore and Sibu.

Although choice of materials are aplenty online, Lim still prefers to purchase her materials the conventional way.

“I search different types of socks wherever I go. I don’t like buying my materials online because I want to feel the stretch ability on hands,” she said.

The best socks for Lim are those with moderate stretch ability because those are easier to work on.

Before setting needle to sock, Lim designs her sock toys first. If they do not turn out well, she just retries and improves on her designs.

“Simple designs would take me one and half-hour to two hours. More complicated designs like those that require me to attach a pair of ears, take me three-and-a-half hour to four hours,” Lim explained.

“When I first started, I named all my sock toys and they are all part of my animal kingdom.”


NONE IS THE SAME: Some of the sock toys featured during Sam-Pat Bazaar.

NONE THE SAME: Some of the sock toys featured during Sam-Pat Bazaar.

EACH IS DIFFERENT: The different between factory-made product and handmade products like Poco handmade, you can be sure of its originality.

EACH IS DIFFERENT: The difference between factory-made products and handmade products like Poco handmade, is that you can be sure of their originality.


Since then, the population in her animal kingdom grew so much that she lost track and eventually stopped naming them, but she holds ‘Ah Dan Zai’ dear because it is the mascot for Poco Handmade.

None of her sock toys are alike. “The designs are perhaps the same but the colours might be different.”

She also makes bookmarks, keychains out of socks, felt and fabric to add diversity to her products.

“Ever since I was a kid, I enjoy drawing. In the future I hope to showcase my artwork,” Lim stated. Currently Lim is painting on clay with acrylic paints.

“I’m still in my trial and error process. I’m currently working on paper clay and we’ll see how it goes from there.”

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