What’s next for Dewi?

By Jude Toyat


FANS OF THE ICONIC beauty pageant – Miss World – should recognise Dewi Liana Seriestha, not as just Miss Malaysia World, but as the winner of Miss World Talent 2014  with her powerful rendition of  ‘Don Juan Triumphant’ from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ during the beauty pageant final.

For those who have been following her journey from the beginning, The Borneo Post SEEDS asked the 25-year-old what her plan was for the future during a photoshoot session with local media in Kuching.


dewi - combo 1

Dewi clad in a modern-style baju kebaya.


Having just returned to Kuching on December 30, the Bidayuh songstress has been occupied with the release of her new single, ‘Hati Dimiliki’. Composed by Sharon Paul and lyrics written by Fatin/Cheli, ‘Hati Dimiliki’ will be part of the original soundtrack for TV3’s latest drama ‘Waris Kasih for Azalea’ which starts showing this month. She also said that she has plans to record another single soon.

As the reigning Miss Malaysia World, she will continue to do events under the Miss Malaysia Organisation together with Datuk Anna Lim.

Dewi is currently in her final year in the National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage (Aswara), pursuing Diploma of Music (Vocal Classical). Besides focusing on her studies, she will also be performing for corporate functions and events.

But how does she manage to balance it all?

“Even though I am occupied with lots of things in life right now, Aswara has really given me full support and encouragement. It has been a month since I’ve been away from school, and the lecturers still keep in touch with me by sending assignments by email as well,” she said.


dewi - combo 2

One of the many looks Dewi sported during the photoshoot.


About whether she will make the transition to film, Dewi said that she is still bonded with the Miss Malaysia Organisation and will only think about offers for films, if any, after the next Miss Malaysia has been crowned.

Despite her achievements on the Miss World circuit for her talent, Dewi is disappointed that people still tend to belittle pageants such as Miss World.

DEWI IMG-20150114-WA0008

Photo credit: Utusan Borneo

“Even I am proud to say that I have made many proud but there are those who just don’t like the idea of the competition, which they believe is only about exhibitionism and not substance. In pageants like Miss World, we do charity events and help raise funds for the needy, not just at home but for other countries worldwide,” Dewi said, adding that her own ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ project has brought more awareness about the Bidayuh community to the world stage.

Next year, the swimsuit segment of the Miss World beauty pageant will be scrapped with focus placed more on advocacy and, as the tagline goes, ‘Beauty with a Purpose’.

Above all, she is grateful to those who have supported her throughout her journey, including Datuk Anna Lim and her immediate support group, DewiNation.



Marissa Ramsay Velasquez doing Dewi’s makeup while Sheila Jitam works on her hair.

DEWI IMG-20150114-WA0009

Photo credit: Utusan Borneo


She added, “Regarding my sing off in London during the Miss World 2014 competition, those who really helped me with my singing before that was Cikgu Syafinaz Selamat and my father, Yudhi Seriestha, and both of them deserve credit for helping me win.”

As for now, she is still being managed by her parents, and said that maybe one day she will hire her personal manager, but she would prefer to keep it within the family.

“I just hope that I can be an icon for any inspiring ladies who dream of participating in such competitions, to continue doing their very best to help those in need in the world and give everything that they can to make their nation and people proud,” Dewi said.


Dewi with her entrusted team, makeup artist Marissa Ramsay Velasquez (second left), hairdresser Sheila Jitam (second right) and two members of DewiNation, Kelvin Ngilo (left) and Emil Hamlyn (right) during a photoshoot session being held recently in Kuching


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