YGXC: A river’s journey and a picture-perfect sunset


The Youth Green X-Change (YGXC) youth environmental awareness programme organised in 2014 ran environmental seminars and a series of environmental-themed photography, short film, essay and feature writing competitions for youths aged between 16 to 35.

In today’s column, we share some of the amazing photography entries received. Let’s make a change for the better for our environment.

The hidden paths of a river’s journey


B30 Badiozaman bin Sulaiman Kuching_New


This quiet rocky river bed serves multiple purposes. It looks dry now but the moss tells us that this is one of the hidden paths of a river’s journey. During the monsoon season, it functions as a path for the water to flow, channeling water to the rivers, helping to prevent floods to nearby areas and transporting seeds to another area.

Water running over the rocks creates an oxygen rich environment, healthy for rivers and the aquatic life it contains. During the dry season, it can act as paths for humans and it is  home to small creatures and organisms that are naked to the eye.

Rocky beds are more often found in highland or steep areas, close to the beginning of a river or headwater areas. They are also sometimes seasonal rivers as opposed to perennial rivers which flows all year round.

– Photo by Badiozaman Sulaiman


Picture perfect




A warm sunset view over a fishermen’s village at Tanjung Batu, Bintulu, a coastal town located about 650 km from Kuching.

Once a quaint fishing village, Bintulu now undergoes rapid and massive industrialization with the implementation of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (Score). Despite increased industrial job opportunities, many still rely on fishing as a source of income. The famous ‘belacan Bintulu’ earns its fame due to the abundance of ‘bubuk’ or tiny planktonic shrimp known as Acetes species in the coastal waters and estuaries in Bintulu. Therefore, prevention of water pollution is therefore is still, if not even more critical now. It is a shared responsibility of industries, communities and the public alike, a contribution to ensure everyone’s livelihood is taken care of.

– Photo by Ken Wong, Kuching


The Youth Green X-Change is a youth environmental awareness programme, organised in 2014 by Natural Resources and Environment Board Sarawak, Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak, World Wide Fund For Nature Malaysia, Department of Environment Sarawak, Teacher’s Education Institute- Batu Lintang Campus and Trienekens ( Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.

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