Gold aims for gold

By Jude Toyat


Music is a universal language which transcends all walks of life, creating emotions that can inspire the listener for the rest of their lives.

“Hearing good music from any genre that connects with me and that I enjoy listening to has always been an inspiration for me in creating my music that sometimes I find it difficult to put it into words,” trance DJ and London-based producer, Ben Gold said when interviewed by The Borneo Post SEEDS recently.

For Gold, 26, being a DJ performing to thousands of people and watching their reactions to the music he plays always excites and inspires him to create more good music, especially trance music.


Ben Gold

Ben Gold


“It has always been my passion to create music for everyone, doesn’t matter how old they are and I hope everyone will like my music no matter what walks of life they may come from,” he said.

A full-time musician, Gold started spinning turntables when he was 16 years old, after he visited several cafes and bars around his hometown in London and has been involved in music ever since.

He cites Dutch DJ, remixer, and producer of electronic dance music Ferry Corsten as his idol in trance or EDM music.

“Back in the days when trance was in the classic era, he was in the forefront making music that no one else was making, and eventually carved the way for the rest of us to learn and follow,” he said of his idol.

He plays between 50 to 70 shows per year, his gigs taking him to big cities like Chicago, Houston, New York, Washington, Los Angeles as well as San Francisco.

When asked his thoughts on trance music now, Gold said, “I think trance music is looking very healthy now, coming off the back of EDM (electronic dance music) that took over the world over the past few years. Now, we are starting to see lot more trance artists which can be also be seen through music festivals all around the world.”

He has performed in various places and considered A State of Trance (ASOT) one of the biggest music festivals which he had been involved so far, as he noted it as “the biggest trance event in the world, as not only I got to play in front of millions of people standing in front of you, but also those who are listening to radios then have it downloaded onto their iPods and iPhones.”

Currently, Gold owns his own record label company called the #Goldrush Recordings which houses all of his productions and music that rocks his sets.


Gold (second left) with his fans

Gold (second left) with his fans


Regarding his latest performance at A Land of Trance 2014 (ALOT2014) organised by Mysterious Asia and held at Damai Central, Gold said that he was excited and pumped as he got the chance to perform to music lovers here as this is his first time in Sarawak, and in Borneo.

“This is my first time in Borneo and I love it here as I can see lots of lovely scenery, and I wish I could stay a little bit longer here and forget about work and just enjoy nature,” he said.

Just as everyone faces challenges in their career, so does Gold. He lamented that his biggest challenge since he got involved in the music industry was trying to stay relevant while retaining his own sound and staying true to himself.

Nevertheless, he said that he enjoys the challenge as it keeps him from being in a complacent environment which may result in him being lazy. Instead he challenges himself by keeping every record unique but still sound like a Ben Gold record.

Gold said he is really happy to see what trance music has evolved to now, as he think it is good, and really excited to see what will happen in future.

His advice to aspiring musicians is “Create your own sound, work on a sound and identify yourself that makes you different from everyone else. Also, don’t be afraid to put extra hard work in it. If you work hard enough and you are talented enough, you can create your own luck in the music industry, but always be unique and different and make sure you stand out from the rest.”

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