Thank you for not consuming wild meat this Christmas



Overhunting, illegal wildlife hunting, and trade in wildlife meat and parts have contributed to the decreasing numbers of wild animals in Sabah’s forests. Thousands, if not more, of them are slaughtered by illegal hunters every year – for their own reckless consumption, for illegal wildlife trade, and even sport hunting. Traps laid by poachers are completely illegal and not only cause long and excruciatingly painful deaths, but sometimes other wild animals not targeted by these poachers also get trapped by mistake. In some cases, these heartless hunters even use explosives to kill our wildlife!

A survey conducted by WWF-Malaysia in Sabah last year showed that 56% of the people interviewed consumed wild meat while 14% admitted that they buy wildlife products. Wild animals that were most widely reported as eaten by the interviewees were turtle eggs, bearded pig and sambar deer. Elephant, pangolin, snake, crocodile, monitor lizard, monkey, civet, and barking deer were also consumed by them. This was despite the fact that turtles and elephants are totally protected species and no killing, consumption or sale is allowed in Sabah.

This Christmas, let us all be good stewards of God’s creation. Let us spread the message against poaching and other cruel acts committed against animals. If you would like to do more, drop by WWF-Malaysia’s booth (Lot 152, near Agrobank) at Gaya Street Christmas Celebration on Friday, 12th December 2014, from 7pm to 10pm.

Together, we can aramaiti responsibly by being part of the solution for wildlife conservation. Kotobian tadau do Krismas and Happy New Year!

Bernard Tai
Head of Conservation, Sabah

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