Explore Malaysia’s largest 3D mural at The Boulevard

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit


IF YOU’VE BEEN WATCHING the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ for the 100th time, then you would be familiar with the scene where Elsa magically built an ice castle out of thin air while singing ‘Let It Go’.

Since Sarawak’s in the tropics, it’s geographically impossible to have snow and ice, but from Dec 8-11, 90 students along with three lecturers from Segi College, University Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Kota Samarahan and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology collaborated on the first 3D mural here in Sarawak at Boulevard Shopping Mall to create a fantasy, snowy enchanted world.

It will also be the largest 3D mural in Malaysia and has received accreditation from the Malaysia Book of Records.


The cool 3D effect of the painting makes it look like you are literally walking on thin ice on mid air

The cool 3D illusion of the painting makes it look like you are literally walking on thin ice over a chasm.


Led by Gerald Goh, a member of Sarawak Artist Society, the idea of making a 3D mural started with the hope of promoting art among the members of the public.

“It has always been a dream for us, when people think of art, they’ll think of Sarawak,“ he said.

Hoping to make Sarawak an art destination in the future where artists from around the world will gather to share their artwork, it would be good exposure for art students as well as the members of the public to art.

According to Gerald, the project has been a challenge since he has never done a 3D mural before. In preparation, he went to Singapore and Penang to look at their murals for inspiration and research.


Creatively done ice hole

Gerald in the middle of adding more features to the mural like these ice fishing holes.

Art made from recycled stickers on the pillars done by Venezuelan artist, Luis Gomez with help from the students

Art made from recycled stickers on the pillars by Venezuelan artist, Luis Gomez with help from the students.


In addition to this, other challenges faced during the three days project was juggling the 90 art students working together on the mural.

“These art students are creative in their own individual ways, so when grouping all these creative individuals to create something like this, some of them may tend to get carried away, so I have to pull them back to keep them on track, but in the end, it all worked well,” said Gerald.

With a snowy wonderland befitting the festive season, prepare to be awed by the spectacular sight of what seems to be a suspended walkway winding over an icy canyon leading to a castle door.

Skilfully painted, the shadow of the suspended walkway makes it look like it is hanging in mid-air, creating the illusion of danger and adventure.


6. Student, Derek Boh working on a penguin

Student Derek Boh working on a penguin from ‘Happy Feet’.

Students working on the focal point

Students working on the ‘feet’ from where the viewer should be standing to view the full impact of the 3D mural.

Look for painting of feet which is the focal point to see the 3D effect of the mural art

There will be five pairs of feet around the mural from where you can take photos.


There are five different spots around the mural where you have to stand so that you can get the full impact of the mural in 3D, where, according to Gerald the effect would look much nicer through the camera lens.

Besides the suspended walkway, other attractions to pose with are the ice holes, mountains and the ice staircase.

Although the theme of the mural art is a winter wonderland, Gerald could not resist adding a touch of Sarawakian element to the artwork, which is a hornbill perching on Snow White’s right hand.


Another cool effect added with arrows sticking out from the wall shoot by Pocahantas

Protect yourself or get shot by Pocahantas atop a snowy mountain.

7. Lim Kok Wing students working on the final touch up on the staircase and Snow White

Limkokwing students working on the final touches on the staircase and Snow White.


On the final day, a handful of Limkokwing students turned up for the final touch ups before the highly anticipated 3D mural was unveiled to the public later that day at 7.30 pm.

First semester student, 18-year-old Derek Boh from Limkokwing was diligently painting a penguin for the final touch up. He was proud to be part of the first 3D mural project to be done in Sarawak, and felt that it was a good experience for him to be a part of this massive collaboration.


Derek Boh

Derek Boh


Derek added that among the challenges while working on the project over the course of three days was creating the illusion of a three-dimensional object with a two-dimensional medium, but with constant supervision, it all worked well.

As the project involved a lot of students from different institutes, the experience taught him the value of teamwork and how important it is when working on something as big as the enchanting 3D mural.

Like Derek, 19-year-old fourth semester Limkokwing student Lorna Lo also learned the value of teamwork besides gaining experience from participating.

She had never worked on a mural before, so all the elements for the mural was a challenge for her and the other students.


Lorna Lo

Lorna Lo


“I would say everything we worked on here was a challenge, but if I had to choose my favourite part to work on, it would be the mountain since it is quite high and some of us are not tall enough to reach the top,” said Lorna, adding that although it was the most challenging to work on, it was the most satisfactory one.

Also present for the final touch up was 18-year-old Jong Ling Kiat, also a first semester student from Limkokwing who benefited a lot from the experience since it gave him the chance to learn how to render a 3D mural.


Jong Ling Kiat

Jong Ling Kiat


The largest 3D Mural Art in Malaysia is now open to the public at Boulevard Shopping Mall’s new wing ground floor.

The Enchant 3D Wonderland will run until Dec 28 and is part of the World Arts Convention that features forum, workshops, city sketching, and art show.

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