Babuyramos serves up feel-good retro music at Merdeka Palace

By Jude Toyat


HAVING KNOWN EACH OTHER and jammed together for almost 20 years now, Sherman Tan, Mark Felix, and Tommy eventually acknowledged their ability to form great harmony with each other by coming up with a fun and engaging band called ‘Babuyramos’. Officially formed in November this year, it is a band forged on friendship and a love of retro songs from the 70s spanning to the 90s.

This trio of crowd-entertaining quality musicians are famous on the entertainment scene across Kuala Lumpur.

Sherman, a big guy with a big voice, is no stranger to the entertainment scene in the Klang Valley areas. He has been with several bands before, including the Southern Reign, Stainless Steel, Jjeds, Big Game and recently the Bongga Bongga Band (now known as Babuyramos). In 2003, he was also the champion for the Carlsberg Top of the Pubs.


Babuyramos Band members, (from left) Mark Felix, Sherman Tan and Tommy.

Babuyramos Band members, (from left) Mark Felix, Sherman Tan and Tommy.


“Basically we have been with big bands before, and now we come together to form this small band and we did a lot of pieces, the songs that are significant to the band which mostly goes towards the retro stuff, as well as country and Latin American songs. We also did several Malay numbers as well, with all being cover songs for now,” Sherman said when met with reporters on December 4 at Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites.

Mark is known as ‘The Smiling Drummer’ for always smiling while performing. Both Sherman and Mark have been in the entertainment industry for a long time and despite that, one thing most people will remember about Mark is his ability to sing country. His Portuguese background also enables him to sing Latin songs very well.

Last but not least, Tommy is mostly known among fans as a humble musician. This Bruneian is considered the most sought after guitarist in town and has played with 9 Lives Band. He joined the trio as their guitarist and vocalist.


Babuyramos performing their first set at Victoria Arms.

Babuyramos performing their first set at Victoria Arms.


“The treat for our band is that, when we perform, there will be interaction with the audience where we will inject a little bit of comedy in our songs and lyrics. We’re not like other bands, where they sing song after song. We put a twist on that dynamic, which is always surprisingly attractive for our audience,” Mark added.

To get to know them better, they can be contacted through their Facebook page at ‘Babuyramos’ or ‘Sherman Tan’.\


View their act here:



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