Elegance and glamour await at the upcoming Dayak Music Awards

By Jude Toyat


TO KEEP DAYAK MUSIC evolving in its bid to become a global player in the music industry, the Dayak Artistes and Musicians Association (DAMA) has included two non-Dayak judges in its upcoming Dayak Music Awards (AMD) 2014 judges line-up.

Mohd Sahfri, a local Malay musician from RTM and Joshua Ahimsa, an Indonesian from Jakarta will be joining the 13-member panel of judges for the upcoming Dayak Music Award (AMD) 2014 to be held from 7.30pm at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) on December 20.

According to AMD 2014 organising chairman Brown Sang Lagan, the nominations they have been receiving this year have increased to a total 322 nominations this year from producers of recording companies, artistes, singers, songwriters, lyricists, and players in Dayak music industry. Unfortunately, 35 candidates were rejected for not fulfilling conditions.


(Seated, from left) AMD 2014 organising chairman Brown Sang Lagan, DAMA chairman Snowdan Lawan, and Head Judge Eugene Clifford.

(Seated, from left) AMD 2014 organising chairman Brown Sang Lagan, DAMA chairman Snowdan Lawan, and Head Judge Eugene Clifford.


“There are three methods which have been used for submitting nominations, including through recording companies, middlemen including other artists, singers, composer, designers, lyricists, music composers, and last but not least, through the support of fans,” he said when met by reporters at a press conference held at BCCK.

Among the aspects they were evaluated on were image, performance, vocal ability, clarity of pronounciation, interpretation of songs, intonation, pitching, concepts, graphics, photography, art direction, layout, cinematography, editing, song structures, quality of songs, melody, creativity, music compositions, as well as quality of recordings and publications.

Made up of qualified music teachers, musicians from RTM as well as lecturers from Unimas and UiTM, the jury will be judging 16 categories which include Best New Dayak Artist, Best New Single, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group or Duo Artist, Best Ballad Artist, Best Rock Artist, Best Pop Artist, Best Music Composition, Best Dayak Song (Iban and Bidayuh), and Best Album.

The category for Best Dayak Song (Orang Ulu) has been canceled since no nominations were received.

Two judges for each category have also been given the mandate to judge Best Lyrics, Best New Album Cover and Best Music Video.

“Overall, the jury is satisfied with the improvement of the quality of songs and video clips nominated this year. Also taken into account are the video quality and professionalism in producing a ‘quality production’ including appearance, apparels, concepts parallel with the manners of society with no negative behavior shown.”

DAMA chairman Snowdan Lawan also announced the final list of nominations and that only the top five in each category will be shown in the video montage that night.


DAMA chairman Snowdan Lawan.

DAMA chairman Snowdan Lawan.


Among the artistes performing that night themed ‘Classic and Elegance’ will be Jerry Kamit, Ricky El, Bobby Laing, Masterpiece, Mezzavoce, Eisner Nala & Fiedarus Udin, Norman Ading, Monica Elen, Timothy, Loudness Empire, Sullivan, Diana Ant Belikau, and singers from STARQUEST including Jesper, Isabel, Moris, Adeline Betty and Indinina.

The personalities who will enliven the evening as presenters include Claudia Fay, Stanley Meringai, DJ Sima, Spitfire and Leez Zwita.

For those who are interested in attending the AMD2014 to be held at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) this December 20, ticket are for sale at RM30 and RM50 and they can contacted through DAMA office at 082-368739 or Kumang Keling Pub & Karaoke at Stutong.

The press conference was also attended by head of juries Eugene Clifford and Dayak artists including Leez Zwita.

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