Esther Law, a role model with heart

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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Hong Siew Hui was a young girl when the tumour on her face started to grow. As she grew older, the tumour grew with her. Ultimately, the 1.5 kg tumour eventually led to a severe distortion on the left side of her face.

Thanks to the intervention of Esther Law Lee Poh eight years ago, who was then the president of Guangzhou’s Fuda Cancer Hospital (FCH), Siew Hui finally had the tumour removed at FCH and could finally lead a normal life.

Now she has graduated and received her certification degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) on November 10th and I was very proud of that,” said Esther.

esther law

For about 10 years now, Esther has been involved in helping cancer patients as she believes it is her calling to help those in need. Her desire to help cancer patients started when her own mother was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1995, who fortunately underwent proper treatment.

Although Esther may not come from a medical background, that did not stop her from learning and researching about cancer so she could help others.

On November 12th, Esther won one of the coveted Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards 2014 under the Personal Development/ Achievement category, being one of the seven and only women to be nominated in the category.

“It was a very fulfilling experience for me and I never thought that I would be called up to the stage and received that award. For me, being the top 30 finalist is just fine since it is already challenging,” said Esther of her experience winning the award.

Being a role model

Growing up in the small town of Lundu, Esther has a humble background, where she enjoyed her childhood immensely and always saw her father as her role model as he taughtt her on the importance of contributing to the community.

When she was in Form 3, she participated in a youth camp that was organised at Camp Pueh by Hainan Chinese Association which happened to be a life changing experience for her.

“I have always been an outspoken and active person and I was just being myself. Towards the end at the closing ceremony of the camp, I was announced as one of the best participant. At that time, I felt very motivated,” she said of her experience during the camp.

Naturally of an active nature, Esther decided to join the Leo Club when she was in Form 6.

“I am actually glad that I made the decision to join the Leo Club because I think they actually give a very good platform for the youth to improve because the Leo Club actually emphasise on the spirit of leadership, experience and opportunity,” she said.

Due to her interest in helping people, Esther was always invited to events by the Leo Club as a life coach or a motivational speaker or facilitator where she would give out talks on leadership and team management skills.

“When I look at them, I would always relate them to my younger self and I thought back then, I would be very happy if someone would help me. And that is why I like to that and looking at them if they can do well,” she said.

“I don’t really see myself as a role model, because I always believe that there is room for improvement. But somehow, I would be very happy and very grateful if people come to me and say, ‘May I seek your help or advice. I have problem in my study or my career development and now I have finished my Form 6, what should I do?’” she added.

Overcoming nervousness

Having actively participating in the Leo Club since her schooling time and later becoming the first female president for the Lions Club of Kuching Host from 2009 to 2011, it is hard to imagine Esther feeling nervous when delivering her speech.

Being in the Leo Club since she was still in school, it gave her the advantage of being trained as a speaker in front of the public as the members were frequently exposed to taking parts in speaking and singing competitions.

“But of course, there is always nervousness before you got up on the stage but in order to avoid that I think knowledge is more important” she said.

“The more you equip yourself with information and knowledge, it helps to deal with your nervousness because you don’t know what is going to happen during the seminar and they may throw any question at you and you have to be impromptu with your answers,” she added.

“So for me, one has to read more. I like to read and that is one of the reasons I think actually equipped me with to overcome the nervousness,” she added.

Besides that, being a member of the Toastmaster’s Club also gave Esther a good platform to strengthen her speaking and communications skill which helped her to conquer her nervousness while delivering her talk to the audience.

Youth nowadays

Being a life coach and role model for the younger generations of the Leo members, Esther believes the keywords; leadership, experience and opportunity are useful to guide the youth towards the right direction.

In her opinion, youths nowadays may seems to be taking things for granted but it was not they want to be so but because they are taking things as fed to them by their parents.

“So what I think is the most important attitude for youth, working adult or parents must have is the attitude of love, we got to really have the big heart. When you have the love, then your whole body would be responsive to your calling through your inner self,” said Esther.

Another keyword that she likes to use is HEARTS, which is actually an acronym:
H- Hug
E- Encouraging
A- Appreciative
R- Reach out
T- Touch (be alive, real, authentic)
S- Sincerity

Currently, Esther is the founder of Excellence Medicare Management and Consultancy where it helps people be aware of the treatments available in treating cancer. Besides that, she is also promoting medical humanistic care education for various kinds of cancer patient in China.

A woman with a successful career, she is also happily married to husband Jeffrey Siaw and they have a daughter Natasha.

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